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CrLz5 years ago
Der Bradly7 years ago
I rebel against evolution!!! (yep it is not true)
You are one hell of a waste of space if you don't believe evolution is true. It's like denying the holocaust.
Also evolution is fact AND theory, the same way that gravity is fact and theory. We know that gravity exists/we know that evolution exists. If newtons laws were proven wrong, gravity would not stop/If Darwin was wrong, evolution would not stop. Gravity and evolution are facts in that they exist. The theory is how they work and how they came to be.

Over 99.9% of the scientific community views evolution as fact.
Below is a little argument I wrote up a year ago or so, so far no ones been able to properly counter it. But someone on here probably will.

For something to be created, it must have a parent. This is irrefutable unless you believe in magic. Explain how the human race was created (or any other race for that matter) without a parent. It MUST have evolved from a simpler organism. Now to counter my argument you will probably ask me how this simpler organism was created without a parent? Well to answer that, well no one can answer that, yet. But there is a whole field of study dedicated to it. Look up Abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the study of how nucleic acids came to be. Here is where the evolutionary argument is stronger than the creationist argument. If we can discover ONE SINGLE fact, the fact of how nucleic acids came to be, then we can say that all other life forms evolved from these nucleic acids. But how do many organisms evolve from 1 acid. Well nucleic acids are created from proteins which are created from amino acids. These amino acids created (under different conditions) different proteins which created different nucleic acids. Creationists have to say that all living things came to be. They did not evolve from each-other and they all were created without any evolution at all. Thus they have to say that millions of different species were created and they have to prove this. The evolutionists only have to say that ONE organism was formed and the rest evolved from it. Now this argument is based on evolution being true. But if you look at fossil evidence then you can almost certainly determine that evolution is a FACT. You do not need carbon dating to do this, as some skeptics say that carbon dating is inaccurate. You can take fossils from different rock layers (such as the grand canyon) and can determine the approximate age of it. By doing so you can order the fossils from old to new, and you can see step by step how the organisms evolved. But still, carbon dating is a STRONG tool to show how old fossils are.

BTW: Those who say evolution is a mathematical impossibility: I just give them this. 1/3=.333 3x1/3=3x.333 1=.999 . This means that all systems have flaws, but that does not mean that the entire system is flawed either. This is also a good analogy for the people who think that carbon dating is inaccurate.
YOU wrote lines upon lines of a comment that wasn't true at all , therefore wasted of space by.... YOU!

BECAUSE proof of MACROEVOLUTION (e.g A dog turning into a cat) has NEVER been scientifically proven! It's nothing but pure speculations.

Learn before you speak.
Read these PDF files, and then try commenting again.

evolutiongems.pdf(595x782) 348 KB
Radiometric dating.pdf(612x792) 765 KB
Macroevolution has been proven, and your definition of it (a dog turning into a cat is a strawman argument. Evolution doesn't work that way.
Please watch this video before displaying your close minded ignorance again.

Actually macro evolution has been proven.
Evolution is a big fail. Anyways That comment was months old, I am still a creationist, but I do not argue against evolution anymore (Causes too much of an uproar)
I rebel against evolution and Al Gore and NOBODY CAN CHANGE MY MIND THEY ARE BOTH FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not true like gravity is not true.
prove me that evolution is true
i will gie you $
Well, you could start here.

Now, since there is overwhelming evidence of Evolution, and practically no scientist opposes it, and *laughs* Absolutely none for your creationism myth, we must go with the one with the most evidence to support it, none to contradict it, and practically no scientists to go against it.

Of course, that's logically, but since you reject evolution I don't expect you to think logically.
I don't hate science, i love science! And there is no evidence in the page.
LMFAO!!!111!111 You must not have read the page at all.
they just explain macroevolution, not tell why its true
If you would follow the links...
seriosly, no evidence
Fine. You must be blind, but fine. Then I refer you to a page of links I compiled using the very most basic search techniques including google and Ask.com. Take a look-see.
Don't worry, the /tiles just shows the pictures of the sites smaller so you can fit them all on one page.
this is proof of micro evolution, not macro. and if you want bigger anserws just ask me on this site
As I have told you elsewhere, the only people who use the terms "microevolution" and "macroevolution" are creationists. To scientists, it is all "evolution". You accept that Skate's references prove "microevolution" to your satisfaction, ergo, you accept evolution as fact. Congratulations.
pk kiteman dgm aa xacidityx not to be rude but will you guys SHUT UP kiteman aa xacidityx just say you rebel against religion dgm just say you rebel against evolution.
I would invite you all to prayerfully study the king james version of the bible.
Er, you do know you've resurrected a two-year-old thread, don't you?

But, since you seem interested, I do rebel against religion, any more than I rebel against synchronised swimming. I simply do not follow it.

(And would you like me to supply a list of the over 800 factual errors and internal contradictions in the KJV?)

Acutally, there's like 17 links. One or more proves macro.
i am sorry but they don't prove anything.
Perhaps if you read them...
Oh wait, I don't expect a creationist to be able to read.

Sorry, am I picking on you? Perhaps you should take everyone who picks on you and drive them right off the edge of the earth. ROFL!
prove to us its false evolution is innocent until proven guilty
why is there no any proof of civilization before 4000 B.C.
Oh, this I've got to hear... On what grounds do you, a follower of a religion based on a religion whose calender counts the current year as 5769?
yeah, your point is?
I suggest you go back and ask your pastor - if you can't see the fallacy in your own claims, then you are well overdue another dose of meme therapy.
bumpus Kiteman7 years ago
OoooOOOo! I do believe that is the rare, Teacher-Burn. :D
so you are believing that you are once a monkey?
i believe in god too!

but here's the thing:
what that would mean is that we are not monkeys, but come from monkeys, but aren't monkeys ourselves...
i know that... i am just telling them what they think they once was
hmm... does kiteman believe in god?
nope... i am trying to convince him
the chances of that are as much as him convincing you
me convinced? Never!
so you can't possibly convince him, now can you?
i am through with him. he does not respect me.
no, he just thinks you're a stubborn child who doesn't have real "faith", but just believes what he reads in a book...

he doesn't mind people who just have faith...
oh yeah, and stopping the argument should help
thats what i am trying to do, now i know Kiteman is just plain mean.
How is it "mean" to hold up your claims for examination in the cold light of day?

You jumped into this argument with both feet and eyes wide open.

You will not find me complaining if you challenge my claims with evidence, but you keep expecting me to listen to claims proven to be lies years before you even heard of Hovind.
you told me i was a little foolish kid and that i am believing Christianity only because i am scared.
Are you old?

Was it sensible to try and convert a qualified scientist and firm atheist from a position of ignorance?

Did you not admit to the mere possibility of evolution being true making you "uncomfortable"?

Young, foolish, scared.
kiteman I am going in to ask one simple question right here in this comment do you have faith in evolution

I also do not have faith in gravity, chairs or mice.
another insult...
Are you saying that I am wrong? Are you claiming to be old? Wise? Brave? Is it brave to delete posts and threads when you start to lose a debate? Or do you just find it insulting to have the obvious pointed out to you?
i was not losing and i did not want people seeing those insults
There was some minor ridicule, but the main insult was by you - insulting our intelligence with some of your claims.
well you are insulting OUR religious claims
Merely questioning them. If they are sound, they will withstand the closest analysis.

So far, my youngest son has decided for himself that religion is silly because the bible doesn't hold up to scrutiny. He just turned 8.
well he just said: "wow! this book tells how dinosaurs were from millions of years ago, that must be right." you know how gullible little kids are...
First you complain that I am insulting you, then you openly insult my son, who has no account here and so is unable to defend himself.

Hypocritical and cowardly.

I'd be willing to bet that he could debate circles around you, youngling.
No, he has read the Bible, and listened to stories from pulpits (he was curious about church, so I took him), and decided that they don't make sense. As for fossils, yes, he has books about them, but he has held them in his hand himself. He has dug them out of the ground himself. You see, he has a mind of his own, and isn't afraid to think for himself.
Yeah, gullible, like how you came to believe Christianity?
Golly gee, there's a god who loves me? I want someone to love me! I'm afraid to die... but when I die I go to heaven where everything is great!

Gullible, yes.
well... whatever, it's best not to argue with him, anyone who tries always ends up giving up, because nothing works...
How do you know? You didn't join until after the Crusades.
oh... nevermind then, but that's just from my short experience...
No, I'm pretty sure that Kiteman fully respects you. The problem is that you're taking all of his points as insults. You're being too defensive; everything he says is not an attack against you.
if you would have seen the comments he has given me you would see them as "insults"
If Darth Gecko Man was being honest, then he would admit that he had taken the opportunity to delete points to which he had no valid response. That's why he deleted the whole "Creationism vs Evolution" thread as well. He'd rather run and hide than admit he is wrong.
Okay, I'm curious as to which ones you think are insults. Copy and paste one of his "insults" into your comment here and give me the link if it's from another forum topic.
i already deleted them... they were on my orangeboard
I cannot respect is the way you have been trying to "debate away" evolution when you have admitted that you will not believe it because you do do not understand it, and you are scared that it might be true.

I cannot respect the way you delete comments that are direct replies to your comments.

Feel free to try and convince me I am wrong, but you must research evolution properly (not from creationist websites) to try and find the mistakes in it, and if you want to convince me that there is a god, then you are going to have to come up with some actual evidence.
i deleted those comments cause they were insults.
You saw insults, I saw direct responses to the points you tried to make. That's what happens when you try and play with the big boys.
there! another insult!
Where? You, having admitted that you do not understand evolution, tried to prove that it is wrong. How can you be surprised when you get shot down in flames? It's like trying to enter the Indie 500 the day after you master the ignition key.
It makes sense that DGM won't be convinced, because his "faith" is unmovable, because his pastor said so. DGM sounds like the kind of guy who says
  • The bible says it
  • I believe it
  • that settles it!
well... i for one have genuine faith...
Genuine Faith? You're 12 years old. But, if your faith is Genuine, I must ask... How many Turkeys would have been on the ark?
oh, oops, i used the wrong word...
i meant, unlike dgm, i believed in god for a reason other than being afraid of hell...
as in, i actually believe in god instead of trying to trick myself into believing it...

oh whatever, sorry for the confusion...

oh yeah, and i'm not sure if that's a trick question but i believe it's 2
oh well ur wrong genesis 7 verse 2 says that you will take with you by sevens :D
lol, i had no idea...

hey, wait, aren't you pastafarian?
it makes it all the funnier when i know the bible better than the ones who believe it
may i ask why?
Because they are the people who actually believe it, but yet someone who doesn't believe it knows more about it.
no, i mean why do you know so much about it anyways?

ps, dgm started a thread, and he's really pissing everyone off, isn't he?
"Know thy enemy" It's not hard to know more about the bible than a creationist. All you have to do is read it with an open mind.
hey! it is not that i am scared of hell, its just that there is evidence for creationism
Ignorance is not evidence.
the pastor never said anything about me arguing
... What did I say about being stupid?
So then, you think your three gold and black letters?
Also, when in a debate via the internet, it helps to use suitable grammar, and well structured sentences.
That question clearly illustrates that you have no idea what evolution is, says, does, or how it works.

I believe the expression is...

toogers Kiteman7 years ago
nice, kiteman!
toogers toogers7 years ago
like this:
ok... i going to start a forum instead of trashing this on...
Oh, it is to laugh - I got most of it emailed to me by the site, even though you deleted it as soon as you started looking stupid.

I mean...

did you know that there are giant closed clams on the top of the Himalayas
there is a city in France named after the dragon that stood beside it
there is no evidence of civilization before 400 BC
Carbon dating has been proved false.

You just don't get it, do you? DIRT MOVES! All that shows is that the top of the Himalayas was covered with water at one time. Totally irrelevant to Evolution.

but they are closed, clams open when they die
i believe that the dragons were actually dinosaurs that were on the ark. but were hunted to extinction by humans

Call it an insult if you want, but I still consider it cowardly to delete posts just because you are losing the debate and making yourself look silly. It proves you do not have the courage of your convictions, and have very little faith in the power of your arguments.
i only deleted 2 posts and i only deleted the forum because someone said so
I count three deleted posts (two of mine, one of skate's), and who asked you to delete the thread? Your pastor?
i know but you still have insulted me several other times and Anarchist Asian said so i take all comments for granred.
You'd better do some proper research first, like finding out what evolution actually is, and how natural selection works.

And you'd better check your history as well, since you have no idea about when things happened in your own species' past.
bumpus Kiteman7 years ago
Kiteman bumpus7 years ago
Was that the correct use of the term? I ought to learn to use it, after all, English is evolving all the time...