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CrLz7 years ago
Der Bradly9 years ago
I rebel against evolution!!! (yep it is not true)
You are one hell of a waste of space if you don't believe evolution is true. It's like denying the holocaust.
Also evolution is fact AND theory, the same way that gravity is fact and theory. We know that gravity exists/we know that evolution exists. If newtons laws were proven wrong, gravity would not stop/If Darwin was wrong, evolution would not stop. Gravity and evolution are facts in that they exist. The theory is how they work and how they came to be.

Over 99.9% of the scientific community views evolution as fact.
Below is a little argument I wrote up a year ago or so, so far no ones been able to properly counter it. But someone on here probably will.

For something to be created, it must have a parent. This is irrefutable unless you believe in magic. Explain how the human race was created (or any other race for that matter) without a parent. It MUST have evolved from a simpler organism. Now to counter my argument you will probably ask me how this simpler organism was created without a parent? Well to answer that, well no one can answer that, yet. But there is a whole field of study dedicated to it. Look up Abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the study of how nucleic acids came to be. Here is where the evolutionary argument is stronger than the creationist argument. If we can discover ONE SINGLE fact, the fact of how nucleic acids came to be, then we can say that all other life forms evolved from these nucleic acids. But how do many organisms evolve from 1 acid. Well nucleic acids are created from proteins which are created from amino acids. These amino acids created (under different conditions) different proteins which created different nucleic acids. Creationists have to say that all living things came to be. They did not evolve from each-other and they all were created without any evolution at all. Thus they have to say that millions of different species were created and they have to prove this. The evolutionists only have to say that ONE organism was formed and the rest evolved from it. Now this argument is based on evolution being true. But if you look at fossil evidence then you can almost certainly determine that evolution is a FACT. You do not need carbon dating to do this, as some skeptics say that carbon dating is inaccurate. You can take fossils from different rock layers (such as the grand canyon) and can determine the approximate age of it. By doing so you can order the fossils from old to new, and you can see step by step how the organisms evolved. But still, carbon dating is a STRONG tool to show how old fossils are.

BTW: Those who say evolution is a mathematical impossibility: I just give them this. 1/3=.333 3x1/3=3x.333 1=.999 . This means that all systems have flaws, but that does not mean that the entire system is flawed either. This is also a good analogy for the people who think that carbon dating is inaccurate.
YOU wrote lines upon lines of a comment that wasn't true at all , therefore wasted of space by.... YOU!

BECAUSE proof of MACROEVOLUTION (e.g A dog turning into a cat) has NEVER been scientifically proven! It's nothing but pure speculations.

Learn before you speak.
Read these PDF files, and then try commenting again.

evolutiongems.pdf(595x782) 348 KB
Radiometric dating.pdf(612x792) 765 KB
Macroevolution has been proven, and your definition of it (a dog turning into a cat is a strawman argument. Evolution doesn't work that way.
Please watch this video before displaying your close minded ignorance again.

Actually macro evolution has been proven.
Evolution is a big fail. Anyways That comment was months old, I am still a creationist, but I do not argue against evolution anymore (Causes too much of an uproar)
I rebel against evolution and Al Gore and NOBODY CAN CHANGE MY MIND THEY ARE BOTH FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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