What To dow ith 100 mini dices

i can get 100 mini dices does anyone have any suggestions what do do with them?

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Lftndbt9 years ago
I rent a property, for the first year there I recieved at least 15 very heavy parcels of various shapes and sizes... these were addressed to the previous tenants but under 10 different variation's of the name.... Every time I had one turn up, I would chase the postal worker and return it to them... Several time's having to take it to the real estate/return to sender.... One day the 16th parcel turned up, it was a very wet day and the brown packaging was torn and disintigrating... By the 16th parcel I was very intrigued to know, what was in them. As i'm sure anyone else would be after many hours of returning them to someone I didn't even know. They obviously put no effort into changing delivery addresses etc as you would when you left a property.. Anyway after some accidental mishandling, the contents spilled out....

More than what I could only estimate as around 10,000 unpackaged dice stacked perfectly, standard legal playing size... I'm talking atleast 60kg of dice... I could barely pick these parcel's up.....

Not to mention, if the other 15 parcel's were also dice.....They were different sizes and shapes but all felt dense and weighed similar....I could tell they were all dice.
What i'm wondering is....What the hell do you do with around 150,000 dice?

Me think something was not right there... Or maybe they were Australia's sole dice supplier?? ROFL :) :)
Kiteman Lftndbt9 years ago
What did you do with the dice?
Lftndbt Kiteman9 years ago
I did the same thing I'd done the previous 15 times... I returned it to it's owner's.... I'm fairly sure anything but, could be concieved as a criminal act.... :)
Kiteman Lftndbt9 years ago
A college friend once got a very expensive text book sent to his room in halls, addressed to the previous tenant. Coincidentally, it was relevant to his course as well, so he phoned the seller, told them it had arrived, could they please send him a postage-paid package so that he could return it to them? They said to keep it.
Lftndbt Kiteman9 years ago
Sometimes it pays off, to do the right thing... Chances are IF he had just decided to keep it, the owner's would have come looking for it.... ;) Karma is top's!
Yes, but what Kiteman suggested was contacting them about the packages to prevent this from continuing, and having the owners say, "ok, well for your trouble, just keep that one". That they didn't want to be bothered with sending a postage pain package for just the one.
That confussed me a lil'... I don't think Kiteman "suggested" anything. He was recalling an event which was relevant... ;) And unfortunatley the Sender's were all different, they were written in chinese character's... And for some reason the descriptions, of content were atleast questionable... e.g the last package which definatley had dice, said it was books, scrawled in english in the description box... Each return was done through the real estate (they couldn't give me their number to ask them to stop, a letter was attached with each package asking them to politley change their delivery address .)or courier pick-up, they were generally too heavy for me to move, except with a trolley... Which I don't have... Didn't really want thousands of dice.... ;)
I guess I meant that, by his recalling the story, he may have been suggesting that. I didn't know they were from different addresses, sorry for my missing that.
No you most certainly didn't "miss that" because I never wrote it till now. I would think, it was my post that was confusing... ;) And I would agree, I thought that was what Kiteman was suggesting, but I didn't think he would suggest for my circumstance... :) No need to say sorry to me either...
well, it is kind of my nature to say that I am sorry for things......I nearly started this post with "sorry about that" LOL
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