What Weird Food Have You Made?

I love weird food and constantly make new things that have never been concieved. What do you make? Here's my brain-shaped cake pops for halloween time.

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Bard18 days ago

I once grilled a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich It wasnt bad I did double the jelly though.

My stove/oven broke but I was determined to find a way to make pancakes without a stove. I had a toaster oven and tried to see if I could bake them. What I ended up with could best be described as slightly sweetened sandwich bread. I regret nothing.

Chocolate ants, using dark chocolate and harvester ants. They tasted like raspberry chocolates, except the legs got stuck in one's teeth.
gosphero1 year ago
Bacon caramel apples. We thought this classic treat could use another food group. Can't get enough protein!
My ham-chocolate omelet with sausages dipped in strawberry yoghurt as a side dish could count as weird.
lemonie1 year ago
I've been experimenting with "creamed coconut", sugar, butter and chocolate today.

Kiteman1 year ago
You ought to post those as an instructable!
(Oh, I see you have...)