What accessory or attachment, that doesn't exist today, would you love to see in your dream netbook?

Asus, a sponsor of Instructables, has put together WePC where they are asking for input on their next generation laptops. As part of their sponsorship, they've asked my opinion on various aspects of laptops. Most recently What accessory or attachment, that doesn't exist today, would you love to see in your dream netbook?.

Here are two things I would love to have integrated into a netbook: internal power adapter and standard wireless accessories.

I don't think anyone really carries a netbook to cafes, on airplanes, or wherever and cavalierly leaves their power adapter at home. Some people don't even leave without their phone's power adapter -- the risk to reward ratio is just too great. So, with lower power consumption and better power management of netbooks, I'd like to see one with an integrated power adapter. It should plug directly into 120 VAC with an integrated cord, or use a standard power adapter cord. Just because people are used to having a separate power adapter, doesn't mean it's the right thing. Once one manufacturer does it, the rest will need to follow suit.

A netbook is great for carrying around and working, but eventually most users will take it home or to the office, and want to use any number of accessories that make their work more comforatble: external keyboard and mouse, second monitor, USB headset or microphone, cell phone cable, etc... Both at home and at my office, I have USB hubs setup to handle all the things I need to plug into my laptop. The cables are ugly, collect, dust, and get in the way. I preferentially buy wireless devices when possible, but they still require a USB port for their receivers. My dream netbook would wirelessly pair with my peripherals through Bluetooth or some other standard, leaving my USB ports free for stuff that really needs them.

What's your dream accessory? Let me know here, and leave a comment or idea on WePC. If it's good enough, they just might make it...

Finally, I'd like to know what you have thought about this Asus campaign. If you would be kind enough to take this survey, I would really appreciate it. Comments here are also good. Thanks!

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- Bluetooth - Some Way to use it as a cellphone - Wirless N - USB 3.0 - 200gb+ HDD - Touch Screen - Linux Operating System - Tough so I can whack someone with it.... - Spillproof - Quiet - Touch Keyboard ? - Onboard GPS ? - Built in Cellular Capabilities - LONG lasting Battery 20hrs+ - Low Cost - HDMI - Sound outputs/inputs - Stylish and original....
they sell those, just like $8000 and up in like japan and some american cities
THIS is my dream portable computer ! Open Pandora
touch screen keyboard is not very good.... i usually keep a couple fingers resting on keys while i'm typing
Goodhart8 years ago
For myself, as long as it had speed and memory capabilities above average, AND had a really decent sized HD, I would want software / OS capabilities built in: Like dual boot Linux / Windows; and lots of security tools built in.
Most netbooks have 1GB RAM/160GB HDD, but you can upgrade the RAM to a 2GB max and you can upgrade the HDD of course. Plenty of people have dual-booted on netbooks; I've even see Windows 7/OS X/Ubuntu 8.10 triple booted on an Eee PC.
Well, Like I said, I don't have any experience with them, so I probably should not have commented. The last portable I had was a 286 laptop given to me by my place of work, since it was being replaced with a much better machine at the time.....this was awhile ago :-)
I don't have any experience with them, soI probably should not have commented.

If you ever say that again, I will flag you ;-)

I just thought I'd let you know; netbooks aren't exactly desktop replacements, of course... But I've been researching them for about a month now; I'm getting one to replace my 512mb RAM/60GB HDD/2.0ghz Pentium 4 xD
Which half of that sentence do you consider flag-worthy :-) The not having experience, or the should not have commented portion?
Both. The lack of experience is the biggest lie I've heard in my life, and the "should not have commented" is the most blatant breach of Kiteman's law I've seen to this day. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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