What air gun(s) do you have?

What air gun(s) do you have? Please list them here. NO AIRSOFT!!

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tetra283 years ago

Crosman Raven with red dot. Destroys squirrels. Crosman 1377 with scope and shoulder stock. Formidable. Buck mark urx .177. Great plinker.

A crossman quest 1000x with a 4x32 centerpoint scope
scott_shot5 years ago
A Weihrauch HW90K with bushnell 3x9 Sportsman Scope, Hawke laser and Lamp,

And a umarex beretta 92fs (if anyone else owns pm me as having slight rob atm)

Love them both but don't get too use as much as would like.=(booooooo
I have a daisy .177 cal power line 201 with a Weaver scope
AGT5636 years ago
I own a Crossman 500x .177 495 fps and an old air rifle I don't know it's model all I know is that it was made in USSR Vostok it doesn't have a safety, it was originally my dads it's a little beaten up but still packs a punch.
Crosman Phantom 1000x .22
masterofsniping92 (author) 8 years ago
I would like to start off this forum by listing my airguns. Modified Custom Crosman 760 Gamo Shadow Express air rifle/shotgun Marksman Shootin' Darts II Private message me with any questions on my modifications to the Crosman.
how do i modify my 66 powermaster its same thing as 760 but differennt look and more powerful
masterofsniping92 (author)  airgunhype8 years ago
What kind of modification are you talking about? I'll gladly help if I can understand what you want to do.
Benjamin Discovery .22 cal
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