What annoy's you?

Tell me guys, what annoy's you? 

I'll start

Mini knex
People who think they can dance good but cant
Constantly cracking your knuckles
well you get the point

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For me:
Nyan Cat
Code that isn't documented
Whiteboard pens that refuse to work
People who overuse hashtags on Twitter
Website outages
and most of all: negative bank balances :(
The Jamalam6 years ago
What I find annoying is misuse of apostrophes.
patriots8888 (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
T'h'e'r'e' n'o't' t'h'a't' b'a'd'
monsterlego6 years ago
How about, people who ask me whats annoying...

cocoaloco6 years ago
the kind of people who are better than everyone else
lady gaga
pretty much all pop music except my chemical romance
all country music no exceptions
pretty much anything thats not rock or metal
scene kids
the sun
mot being able to fly

Dude, read my mind.
patriots8888 (author)  cocoaloco6 years ago
I think about the last one everyday since I jumped of my roof with a blanket when I was a kid ;)
haha and how'd that go? :P
patriots8888 (author)  cocoaloco6 years ago
Mmm does the E.R sound fun? :P
just peachy :D
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