What are REAL STORE BOUGHT gun barrels made off?

Does anyone in here knows what real gun barrels are made of? I know it's metal (duh!) but what kind of metal/alloy? Steel? Iron?What is the thickness of the pipe? (not the diameter, the thickness of the walls.) How do the manufacturers of these guns be sure that the barrel does not explode? How can the calculate the pressure inside the barrel?

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teaaddict31410 years ago
i REALLY dont think you should even come close to knowing what guns are made of.....when you find out the next thing well see on the news is "mans gun explodes because of faulty construction!!"....no offence just concerned...i dont like it instructables has guns and bombs on here too....go to rotteneggs.com for guns....
He, He,He, Just be glad I did not decide to post instructions on how to make "The Mother of Satan" (if you know what I'm talking about in explosive terms.) Anyway, I've been in rotteneggs,at least I have safety on my priority list unlike the people there. Although my projects aren't exactly "safe", I do post warnings, saftey steps, and most important,disclaimers.
rotteneggs.com is like russian roulette with an automatic pistol-guarantied to kill you if you try it.
jtobako10 years ago
how accurate do you want the alloy composition? which manufaturer? what size? hardened steel, alloy dependent on maufacturer and size-rifle is different from pistol because of the differences in pressures. 'proof testing' of barrels is clasicaly done with a x4 normal (or is it x2?) load. if it doesn't warp or explode, it's considered safe.
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  jtobako10 years ago
Actuallly, I was just going to make somthing like the battery hand cannon only with real black powder this time.I just wanted to get an idea of what is the best and safest type of pipe to use. So if I test it, and the pipe does not show any signs of wear, it is considerd to be safe?
DOM (drawn over mandrel) is safest, there's no weld to give way. 'safe' is a relative term, but yes. make sure you aren't anywhere near your test, and ANY sign of bulging is a failure. nested pipe is a little safer, if the inner one starts to give way, the outer one can catch it, BUT you aren't as likely to catch early signs of failure.
frank2608011510 years ago
hardened steel maybe?
doesn't thickness depend on the gun?

this site is interesting, sounds like you want to build a gun, look around there is a full tutorial on how to build a 9mm "uzi"