What are crafts I can sell that are small and easy to make?

I have a bit of time on my hands and I plan on spending some of that casually making money. I've figured that making and selling crafts would be the best way to go about that, all while incorporating something I enjoy: crafts. Do you have any ideas of easy-to-make items which I can sell on eBay?  So far, I'm  considering candles and candle holders. 


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MissionSRX1 year ago

If you've got some wood tools, turning stuff on a lathe can be a good option. pens, keychains, ornaments, etc... A mini lathe isn't a huge investment and you can easily grind old files into turning tools. Check out penturners.org for inspiration and/or Penn State Industries, Craft Supplies USA or Woodcraft for parts and materials.

Kiteman3 years ago

It depends, what are your skills and resources?

christophungus (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

My grandfather, who I live with is an avid woodworker so we have a bunch of scrap wood lying around from his projects. He also has a wide variety of tools which I don't have the experience to describe.

Simple wooden ornaments, jewellery (pendants), key rings, wooden toys etc.

exactly what i would say as well.

christophungus (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Alright, thanks!

Egret031 year ago

just to let you know the supplies for candles are quite expensive, one mold costs about $30, not to mention the wax. sorry to shoot you down but candle- making would be quite an envestment.

this is helpful.

I make beaded jewelry and I love doing it. So, if you have time on your hands and a few bucks to spare, it is really the way to go. There are many tutorials, as well. It is so easy to do, that I just make my own jewelry. You can also sell it, if you are very good at it.

I would suggest going on to firemountaingems.com or you can also use tutorials on youtube.

Crafted2983 years ago

check out my instructables [paracord tab bracelet] and comment and follow if you like