What are the WORST bands/artists out there?

Ok, There have been a few forums about the best music out there. But what is the worst? What group/artist is the most over-rated?

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Eden Derek4 years ago
All the crapy rappers and Justin Bieber.
Music is something that used to be collectable, now its disposable. I hate anything that sounds like it is sung by a constipated pubescent robot.
onrust4 years ago
case closed
Soulja boy Miley Cyrus (and father) any band you like ;-)
any band you like ;-)

skunkbait (author)  ll.138 years ago
Sorry, I don't get it... Any band I like? REM? Zeppelin? Beatles? Metallica? Violent Femmes? - Are all the bands I like really all THAT bad?
you can't hate the beatles and zepplin. it just isn't right.
skunkbait (author)  knoxarama8 years ago
hahaha, didn't notice your post Skunkbait..so
double agreed!
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