What are the best examples of fails, stupidity, and general ignorance that you have witnessed?

I was browsing ibles yesterday, and I came across this stunning piece of stupidity:

Person 1: "d - b" (some interesting ASCII art)
Person 2: "How do u get the backwards b"
Me: "It's called D"

It got me thinking afterwards that I should make this forum. So, what are the best examples of fails, stupidity, and general ignorance that you have witnessed?

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ilpug6 years ago
I tried to throw a road flare overhand once... it sputtered and shot flaming phosphorus onto my back, burning away a good hunk of skin.

I have put my left shoe on my right foot, and my right shoe on my left, and gotten almost all the way to school before I realized.
DJ Radio7 years ago
My principal sent this post I made on Facebook to the cops today because she thought it could be "Threatening".  The member formerly known as Izanagi Telos can testify that I made absolutely no threat to anyone, and when I asked the principal where I said I was going to harm anyone, she still stayed put and refused to change her position on the subject.  

Note: I am not friends with her on facebook, some nut job sent my post to her.  I then blocked my principal afterwards lol.
what was in your post?
Like a 3-mile long rant about boycotting the school talent show (You had to pay $3 to get in) and just posting your act on Youtube as long as it didn't suck or anything.
thats the problem now, schools take everything as a "threat" or wayyyyy more serious than they need to
I WISH my principal read this.  I mean, that was pretty much a blatant disregard of common sense.  She should have at least asked me before making a judgment and acted on it.
ilpug DJ Radio6 years ago
Our school is such a freakshow of overreaction and insecurity that it should have it's own TV show.
ostomesto6 years ago
Me and my friends are full of these
me and my neighbor were playing mario cart, he paused it so he could answer a text, when he un-paused a second later he turned around and drove backwards(in the game) so he could get his phone from where he was texting on the track. hahaha i still harass him about that hahaha
Kirbsome!7 years ago
I got another one:
Today I cut my finger so hard it started bleeding. The thing is, I was making a sammich and cut myself on a cheese slicer.
owchy-pain-pain >:(
*Sandwich (ahem)
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