What are the dimensions of a Les Paul neck pocket?

I am building a guitar and I need to know what the dimensions for the neck pocket should be. I will be using a Les Paul style neck from Warmoth, 24 3/4" scale. While your at it, could you tell me the dimensions for an EDS-1275 neck pocket?

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My epiphone les paul special edition 2 is 2 9/32" wide x 3 1/8" x 47/64" deep but i measure really accurately so to most people it is probably a 2 1/4" wide pocket best bet would to email warmoth and ask them the dimentions they usually give you a pretty nice answer hope this helps, and good luck building your guitar, and as far a the EDS-1275 i cant help you there
VoodooWitchDr. (author) 9 years ago
To those who recommend google, I doesn't give me what I am looking for. I can't find key words that find what I want. Thanks for the effort though.
Reread the info on the Warmoth link below:
Warmoth has held to the Fender dimensions in all our offerings (exceptions noted).

So all their necks fit the same size pocket; the dimension are given. Any exceptions are noted at the bottom.

There isn't a standard for bolt-on LP necks, because the Gibson offerings aren't the bolt-on type. LP clones with bolt-on necks use their own standards...
VoodooWitchDr. (author)  gmoon9 years ago
Thanks for the link, sorry I didn't see it when you first posted it. I just needed to know what depth to cut the neck pocket. Do you know any stores that sell a twelve string version of that same neck?
Nope, sorry. You might find a similar neck on ebay, though.
Chicken22099 years ago
Google it...
Wow, that definitely answered his question!
I dont see you with any answers honestly, anyone who has an answers most likely used google themselves so its a much better answer than something totally irrelevant
You'd have been better off not posting, because saying "google it..." isn't solving his problem, it's just pointing him to somewhere he's probably already looked. Do you really think saying "Google it..." is that clever? You must be the first person to think of it!
Im sorry did i send you a pm asking if it was clever? i tend to do that sometimes... Im pretty sure telling me that my comment doesnt help doesn't help him/her either
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