What are we called?

What do you call someone in instructables?
  1. A maker
  2. An instructabler?
  3. An ible-er (ibbler?)
  4. -suggestions-
Me thinks we should have our own name!

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Kiteman6 years ago
I use options 1-3 interchangeably, although I often capitalise Maker.

Yes, why is that? Even if you view it as a title, one doesn't normally capitalize doctor or lawyer or judge or even president mid-sentence if used as a generalized noun (as opposed, of course, to proper full titles of individuals).
It's to differentiate it from people who make something, but aren't Makers.

Specifically, to highlight the difference between people that make stuff, like you and I, and corporate entities that manufacture stuff, like car makers, film makers etc.

It's like the difference between "christian" and "Christian".

There's a certain amount of philosophising going on when a capital letter is involved.

I see, that makes sense. Thanks!
as opposed to talking to a Maker or The Maker.
You wanna meet your Maker?!
knuckle sandwich on whole wheat, please.
Surely you'd want that one on unleavened bread?
and thus the precursor of take-away food when you are on the run.
I'd need more than a single sandwich for a forty year hike.

But then, I also think that I'd make the journey in a lot less time...
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