What are you currently MAKE'ing?

Thought I would break the ice with an obvious. I just thought of this an hour ago, and haven't had a chance to work on it. I want to take out the huge antenna on my cell phone and just wind a coil around in my phone's case. Shouldn't be hard. (The "MAKE" is MAKE an antenna that fits inside your phone.)

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trialex9 years ago
Hey guys. I'm working on an automatic flamethrower. I'm having trouble with the ignition stage, and if anyone has any ideas that would be great. I starting off trying to use a servo to push down on a peizo electric BBQ lighter - but the force required is too much for a standard servo. I can't find any cheap and safe coils to create a spark across a spark plug. My solution, which works but is non-permanent and a bit fiddly, uses a disposable camera flash to create a high voltage, then two wires soldered to the flash tube are touched together. The wires are brought together automatically by a servo. I'd really like to take the servo out of the equation - the arms holding the wire tend to shift over time. if anyone has any ideas on how to make a spark at a timed interval that would be awesome.
trialex trialex4 years ago
Ha! It only took 5.5 years but I finally found a solution!


Works on 5V logic, sparks across 0.5"

Halloween automatic flame-thrower here I come!
 Try an ignition coil and diver circuit hooked up to a spark gap in the tube.
what about insteadof a servo you could use a hose clamp and moter witch would squeeze the button down
a 12 volt battery and a spark plug should dothe trick
Ummm, correct me if I am wrong. To generate a spark, a spark plug needs high voltage provided from the battery 12v pulsed into the ignition coil.
yea your right nevermind what i said
what if you but the grill ignitor behind the trigger and just had a bigger trigger to push both at once.
jeff-o trialex7 years ago
Try a rotary igniter. My barbeque uses one - just turn the knob for ignition. It should be easy enough to gear it down for use with a servo.
dude just take a deodorant spray and a lighter. Then spray it and light it. theres ur simple flamethrower
I think you missed the "automatic" bit. I don't want to have to be there when it goes off. Think about it like a burglar alarm that instead of triggering a siren triggers a flamethrower. Now how are you going to get the lighter to light automatically? That's my question!
trialex plopcow8 years ago
Nice thinking, but the problem is the pressing of the peizo element! The system won't have any human intervention - nobody will be pressing the button. I need to find a way to automatically create the spark - I can't anything practical the push a peizo element for me - servos etc. don't have anough power.
or you could just atttach a lighter to the part and turn it which will create a spark
A cockroft walton voltage multiplier would probably work well, it only uses capacitors and diodes. Use a micro or a 555 to pulse the input voltage and you have a nice lightweight high voltage generator.

One ignition method that works is to run 120VAC through a DC Capacitor in your combustion chamber. Use a relay to switch it the volts on/off; that's what your current servo situation is emulating, is a relay.
larsjet trialex8 years ago
Hi trialex I read your comment. Why dont you use something called a jacobs ladder. Or by a small stun gun which you can remotely fire or even attach a long cord with a switch to. These both make a spark which lasts so why dont you try it... stun guns are really cheap!
trialex larsjet8 years ago
Thanks, but in Australia, stun guns are neither cheap nor legal.
You could try using a DC-DC converter from an automotive neon tube thingy like they sell at auto parts stores, for your high voltage. You could probably get enough volts to jump across a car spark plug, for example.
A Jacob's ladder requires extremely high voltage, it would be far too dangerous to walk around with one of these on the end of something. Not to mention a device that produces the voltage that is required to make it is by no means portable.
i have the best page for you - http://www.angelfire.com/80s/sixmhz/camera.html - i used this for my spudgun it takes a while to perfect the gap but works brilliantly so the servos out the way with this ...
_soapy_ trialex9 years ago
Use a cheap tazer and run some wires from the end, or remote the switch and put the tazer at the muzzle. I'd go with a gas torch to light, though, as it will be fairly windproof, and is sure to light the liquid. You could tap the fumes off the tank and light that out a nozzle, rather than carry extra. I'd make it so the ignition was split from the spray, so each can be toggled separately. Remember you want to be able to spray a fairly thick liquid, remember that the tank is a bomb if you get it wrong, and remember that this isn't going to be a toy.
hes in Australia stun guns legal ...
So using a stungun is probably a good idea then. Big fat hot sparks, and a reliable trigger and circuit.
sorry i meant illegal typo..
I'm in the process of boosting the bass and sound on My cd player, and doing an intructable on the process of jumping them
Dr. No trialex9 years ago
Take the guts out of one of those elctrified misquito rackets and just press the button when you want it to spark. And don't touch the wires, they hurt a lot.
w00ty32 Dr. No8 years ago
LOL, those things are awsome
w00ty32 trialex8 years ago
Create a wire that will have a contained short... i saw it om mythbusters, not sure quite how to do it...
Kiteman trialex8 years ago
Leverage! You have a (long-ish) arm, pivoted at one end. Position the BBQ sparker under the arm near the pivot end, use the server to lower the far end.
what's your budget here? can you affford a $5 junkyardHHH auto recycling center ignition coil?
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intoon intoon9 years ago
I guess not...
Goodhart intoon8 years ago
Do you mean subScript ? ;-)
zachninme (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Haha -- exactly 1 year, 1 day :P (We've had forums for a year!?)
Oh my, I need new glasses.....I didn't see the year LOL *blush*
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\/ isn't it...
You are right v is not subscript LOL
you can use a coil and from a fuel oil furnace 110 vac to 100000 vdc
You could use a flyback transformer. That should be enough to get it going.
mark101 trialex9 years ago
An allways lit pilot light is what the pros use no? say a lighter like a zippo, how long would the feul last? I think this is safest , as you don't want an accident spill of a large amount of fuel to all of a sudden be ignited.
trialex mark1019 years ago
Yeah that's not a bad idea. I guess when I started the project I was looking for something that I could leave for days on end, and I thought a zippo would be too prone to going out over that time period. Now I'm thinking of a more short term use (like 30 mins) so a permanent pilot may be the way to go. It's been fun playing around with electric sparks though!
jtobako trialex9 years ago
why stuck on electric? attach a flint sparkwheel (like any cheap lighter or, better, one of these old sparky guns) to a regular motor and spark away...
mark101 jtobako9 years ago
they use a spark generator(like that?)under the NASA spacecraft for 10 second before takeoff, too make sure the flame doesn't accidentaly go out.
mark101 jtobako9 years ago
thats cool idea! I like it, only factor there is that the spark temperate has to be able to ignite the fuel. Some fuels need a big kick to get going.
I don't know if you've overcome your igniter problem, but RV furnaces have a multispark igniter that runs off 12VDC.
dijme trialex9 years ago
depending on what you are making the hull of the gun out of you could drill holes and attach small bolts (as small as you can find), align them where the ends will be close enough together to create the spark.You said you already were using an igniter from a BBQ right? just hook the wires to each of the bolts.
trialex dijme9 years ago
yeah but howe do you push the button that makes the spark? a regular servo doesn't have enough torque
mdivinc trialex9 years ago
fine steel wool,2 wires, 9 volt battery. Ignites anything. Mike D NJ
trialex mdivinc9 years ago
I actually don't think it would... I tried heating up nitrile wire (i.e. my foam hot wire cutter) and it wouldn't ignite the spray
westfw trialex9 years ago
A stun gun will create nice (and somewhat continuous) sparks. The circuit is simple enough that you can probably duplicate it on a slightly smaller scale.
mdivinc trialex9 years ago
you can use a small piece of steel wool (fine) insert 2 wires of 24ga. or thicker and a small 9 volt battery. The steel wool burns up igniting what ever you want. Mike D NJ
U can use a ignition coil / relay setup... That creates contious spark, using a car spark plug....
protolabs4 years ago
i am making sprockets!!! http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-wooden-sprocket-without-cnc-machines/
Data6435 years ago
I'm making a helicopter rocket (Make: 25) but instead of cardboard, I'm using thin acrylic tubes.

Im working on a wrap around workbench w/ 3 sides and 24 square feet of space. it is meant to replace my old one that was originally meant for toys.
A 10 minute cellphone holder!!!
running6 years ago
working on nerf mavrick, replacing center tubes,removing restraters, and the hardest part, triing the build a 7 counrter led light to show remaining bullets left, hopfuly adding sound and a mister of small smoke maker in front; that goes off with every shot, allso that when look great a small about of smoke and laszer light coming from the front. maybe in the furture i;ll make some sort of keinic sparker running thought it.
Vann de graff
Motorized Bike
Makey the Robot
Homemade BUSTED sign out of steel. (Need Plasma cutter)
i've always wanted a busted sighn!
 I have the welder, but an oxy-torch is too inaccurate, only a plasma cutter will work.

Maybe I can use one at Techshop!
Tv Bgone ha! :D
 Tesla Coil
Its Giggles6 years ago
An automobile for the next generation. . .  :P

bloggpal6 years ago
I am boring and may be plan to sleep ealier tonite..
donnyj7 years ago
Something I have been planning to make for a few weeks now and am still currently working on is what I like to call potato artillery. it is a four shot electrically fired pneumatic cannon that is basically 4 regular cannons linked together but . . . slightly modified with an aiming system that is also electrically controlled.
roo5257 years ago
I'm making an invention I like to call, the air blaster. Simply it's a diy teaching how to make a portable air cannon that can fire tennis balls, baseballs, and mabey eventually a grappling hook! It is basically a small aluminum case that can be filled with compressed air from an air compressor.
eyebot1177 years ago
Hi everyone. I'm working on all kinds of stuff right now. I'm collecting parts for an Xbox 360 that's modded into an alluminum suitcase, has USB ports, WiFi adapter, power cable, and a built-in LCD screen from a computer monitor. I'm still in the beginning brainstorming stage of developing a ballpoint pen that can change the color of its ink with the turn of a dial and the tone with another dial. I'm designing a sperical shaped RC robot but one that can split open like a plastic easter egg (and still move, use grabbers, shoot rubberbands, etc...). I'm working on a costume made from cardboard that looks like the guy in my profile image. It's going to have RGB LED's in the head and on the arm, leg, shoulder, and chest armor. The only problem is making it, and seeing out of it! I'm working on a million (not really) water weapons (check out my group-The Water Warrior Group) including-water rocket launchers (shoulder mounted, possibly with an ammo clip)!!! I always design everything on Google SketchUp first (check out my group- Google SketchUp group), to make everything easier to build.
tarzioo7 years ago
i'm knitting this awesome blue beanie with earflaps. I already made a goomba out of felt and i'm going to place it on one of the earflaps. It's gonna be amazing lol
Patented7 years ago
Im presently eating Starburst :)
dombeef7 years ago
(removed by a hobo's request)
trialex7 years ago
Well I've moved on from the automatic flame-thrower below; although that post still continues to generate replies two years later. Current projects include high-altitude balloon & giant gameboy
I am planning the construction of a microwave plasma torch using MW oven components.
TXTCLA557 years ago
well i have severl projects going,....a solar roller, a RC spy car with mini camera, and a NES PC!
teknoman7 years ago
Ok, I just thought of this. How about a small subwoofer that is build inside your computer case and hooked up to a circuit that gives your computer a "heartbeat" and makes it got faster say the hotter it gets inside your computer? Any thoughts or ideas on this would be much appreciated, cause I'm not sure where to start with the circuit.
Goodhart7 years ago
I am hoping to construct a few more test equipment style projects in the next few months.
Goodhart7 years ago
Well, my "annoying beeping thing" has come to an abrupt halt....it doesn't make a sound and I am running out of options as to what the problem might be.... But, I got a new UJT, so my next project will also be a sort of noisemaker ;-)
Oops, it is going to be a modified version of a Hands-off alarm.
camperken7 years ago
I'm putting up a pole building for my forge, welder, homemade anvil and other stuff. I got the poles in the ground, rafters up and collecting pallets for the sides. Getting some free roofing. Cost for 16 by 16 will be under $250.
I'm making a car horn for my bicycle (up coming 'ible), I'm working on a small ROV, and I'll build a Remote controlled blimp.
tomasys7 years ago
i'm making an IR camera
I'm building a workbench.
aids3337 years ago
I'm making a platform bed.
Frogzard1017 years ago
i am making a jacob's ladder
Hephaestus8 years ago
I am currently making my second phonograph. This one will hopefully record onto drink cans. as well as play conventional cylinders. It is almost complete. I am currently tweaking it to improve playback quality.
Isn't this the Machinist's Phonograph from Make 14? That article was extremely complete. Any chance you're considering turning it into an Instructable?
Almost. This one is mark 2. On my first machine featured in Make you will see that the speed control is on the top of the machine. This one has it on the front. Also the box on this one is red oak while on Mark one it is pine. I have also made the mandrel removable by having a threaded spiggot. Much of the other working are the same. Since I took these photographs I have been working on an electric recording head using a speaker rather than the acoustic attempt shown. I can provide drawing for mark 1 but I haven't done them yet for mark 2 Best Wishes Roy Maybery
That looks so neat! Really impressive. :D
Cool! My neighbor just bought an Edison, and demoed it for me. (BTW, his voice cone is MANY times larger than that...) You're cutting your own wax cylinders? Excellent...
Wow - I can't wait to see that project. Don't forget to include sound files.
kelseymh7 years ago
Adding a switch to cut out the buzzer on our clothes dryer. The d**ned thing is loud enough to wake our six-month-old daughter. I didn't take pictures before cutting the hole and mounting the light switch, so I probably won't do a decent I'ble about it.
dudeman1767 years ago
Howdy. I'm working on a hypothetical RPG idea, hypothetically made of estes alpha rockets and explosives (probably m-80s). I'm also working on a hypothetical launcher.
Udon7 years ago
I'm working on a whole lot of stuff, but really slowly [cos i'm a lazy bum who procrastinates]: a periscope using side view mirror motors an LED sequencer a welding bench antiqued [sp] german dog tags a boolean function generator using a MUX some upgunned ear-buds rusty furniture the perfect pork dumpling
REDNEK7777 years ago
purple duck take pimp sute for prom
Right now I have a few projects I'm wanting to work on. Mostly more pasties, a giant moustache pillow, chastity belt, etc. :P
Actually I just made a "no weld recumbent bike" it was pretty fun and easy to make, although I'm still working out a few flaws in the design. I have fun riding it around town and getting everyone's reaction.
Derin7 years ago
extension cord,the project just got rejected yesterday by my father(the 1,000,000th time)
Derin Derin7 years ago
so,im currently about to MAKE a sandwich since it is 9:30 in the morning and im hungry
amyles7 years ago
Just finished a modification to the DIY Camera R-Strap. If there are any photographers here trust me, having one of these is a must!
r-strap 4.jpg
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