What are you currently MAKE'ing?

Thought I would break the ice with an obvious. I just thought of this an hour ago, and haven't had a chance to work on it. I want to take out the huge antenna on my cell phone and just wind a coil around in my phone's case. Shouldn't be hard. (The "MAKE" is MAKE an antenna that fits inside your phone.)

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trialex11 years ago
Hey guys. I'm working on an automatic flamethrower. I'm having trouble with the ignition stage, and if anyone has any ideas that would be great. I starting off trying to use a servo to push down on a peizo electric BBQ lighter - but the force required is too much for a standard servo. I can't find any cheap and safe coils to create a spark across a spark plug. My solution, which works but is non-permanent and a bit fiddly, uses a disposable camera flash to create a high voltage, then two wires soldered to the flash tube are touched together. The wires are brought together automatically by a servo. I'd really like to take the servo out of the equation - the arms holding the wire tend to shift over time. if anyone has any ideas on how to make a spark at a timed interval that would be awesome.
trialex trialex5 years ago
Ha! It only took 5.5 years but I finally found a solution!


Works on 5V logic, sparks across 0.5"

Halloween automatic flame-thrower here I come!
 Try an ignition coil and diver circuit hooked up to a spark gap in the tube.
what about insteadof a servo you could use a hose clamp and moter witch would squeeze the button down
a 12 volt battery and a spark plug should dothe trick
Ummm, correct me if I am wrong. To generate a spark, a spark plug needs high voltage provided from the battery 12v pulsed into the ignition coil.
yea your right nevermind what i said
what if you but the grill ignitor behind the trigger and just had a bigger trigger to push both at once.
jeff-o trialex9 years ago
Try a rotary igniter. My barbeque uses one - just turn the knob for ignition. It should be easy enough to gear it down for use with a servo.
dude just take a deodorant spray and a lighter. Then spray it and light it. theres ur simple flamethrower
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