What are your favorite artworks?

So, I was looking through a book and I found this amazingly detailed (and freaky) painting called "Arnolfini Marriage". Lot's of weird messages behind it. Anyway, here I have enclosed some of my favorite artworks I have seen. I want you to do the same with your comments. 1. Johanness van Eyck - "Arnolfini Marriage" 2. Leonardo Da Vinci - "Mona Lisa" 3. Edvard Munch - "The Scream"

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ilpug6 years ago
Too many favorite peices of art to pick just one :/
EmilyMeier6 years ago
on the first picture a man in a hat similar to the former President of Russia - Putin.
tehnikinet6 years ago
Malhecho6 years ago
among my favorites are stephen wiltshires drawing of downtown las vegas, Mr. Cartoons sleeve mural for cypress hills grandes exitos en espanol and brian deleons portrait of tupac i have a print of it with a numbered business card.
CameronSS9 years ago
1. M.C. Escher-Not even going to try to name a favorite, "Hand With Reflecting Globe" is pictured, but not necessarily my favorite. My dream mansion features a room completely covered in Escher prints. I'd throw people I don't like in there, and their heads would explode.

MC Escher that's my favorite MC...
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Haha. You're welcome.

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