What are your favorite online translators?

There are a lot of translators online. What are your favorites? 

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lucyajones6 days ago

This page provides free online translation between a number of different languages. Such translations generally enable you to understand a piece of foreign text, but are rarely accurate or reliable and are no substitute for a human translator.

Matlek15 days ago

These days I am testing DeepL translator, and it seems quite efficient!


Msitets16 days ago

If it were not 2017 than something other than Google Translator might had a chance. But now, no matter how bad it is, everybody is using it.

azazqadir7 months ago

Google Translate works best for me. They have improved its accuracy.

Google translate

ali3d1 year ago

Yeah I think GoogleTranslate is The best!

Egret031 year ago

i love Spanishdictionary.com i use it for my homework all the time

none because I think they don't translate it well at all! :(

Cecilia A2 years ago

Translate.google.com, never used any other translater online

Google Translate anyday...

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