What are your favorite online translators?

There are a lot of translators online. What are your favorites? 

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Simran Sharma5 months ago

Google translate

johns2789 months ago

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ali3d11 months ago

Yeah I think GoogleTranslate is The best!

Egret031 year ago

i love Spanishdictionary.com i use it for my homework all the time

none because I think they don't translate it well at all! :(

Cecilia A1 year ago

Translate.google.com, never used any other translater online

Google Translate anyday...

I would like something that can translate Gobbledgook to plain English. I have to deal with a lot of it in my job. Ive seen a Gobbledgook generator


I want the oppisite of that

Gobbledygook in English

writing which uses complex
phrases, fancy words and vague bureaucratic jargon

I'm using google translator because it's too easy too use & it's translate every language to understandable language....Best translator ever...
Saying Google translate is the best translator is like saying Pizza Hut does the best pizza! I hate to say this but Google translate is not a 'translator' in any conventional sense, it's really a sophisticated multi-language dictionary, wordref.com is the best for 'real' translations. In my not so humble opinion.
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