What are your favourite guns/ gun shapes?

Its me, I have wondered what everyones favourite gun/s and their favourite gun shapes are, so here you go, post away, post pics aswell if you like, but no knex guns, unless they look like a real gun. My favourite gun is the L96 or the M24, I try to base my guns off of the M24, but fail with L96's.

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PSG-1 sniper rifle SCAR Alien's Pulse Rifle M4 SAW
King_Banana9 years ago
uzi and m1 garand
M1 Garand are really cool but then they made the M14 wich is used by Riflemen is accurate and has full auto to the m1 garands semi auto
BeanGolem8 years ago
guns are the devil. non-lethal weaponry is where the genious happens.
yerjoking (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
I'm interested in weaponry, and also how things are put together, so I guess I'm neutral.
yerjoking (author) 8 years ago
You can post pics and vids y'know =D!
w00ty328 years ago
I would have to say the P90. it just looks so different.
DrWeird1178 years ago
DrWeird1178 years ago
And the AA-12.
DrWeird1178 years ago
Oh, and the M134 Vulcan Minigun.
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