What army do you collect?

What army(s) do you collect in W/H 40000?

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bwilson215 years ago
what army should i start with? i was thinkn tau. maybe
You'd need to give more information about what you want out of the army to get any answer worth reading. Some general info you've read before would sound like:

Tau are distinctly under powered in the current state of the game and at the best of times, require a higher skill level to compete with.

The more popular the army, the better it is for "beginners", generally speaking. So, Space Marines are in the top spot, Chaos Space Marines a very close second. Imperial Guard are usually good but tend to be further away in the third spot. What makes these armies "good for beginners" is their constant updates by Games Workshop (so the models are newer, available, worthwhile) and the HUGE numbers of other players that own these armies (means EVERY player on earth is intimately familiar with these armies, their strengths, weakness, etc). They also just play easy, rules and stats are very forgiving to errors and lack of for sight.

In the end, what works best for you will be the army that inspires you the most. To play, to assemble and paint the models, to care about the army AND the army that performs on the table in a manner that suits you. You may want to stay competitive, so you'd want anything Imperial, you may want a challenge, so you'd go "unconventional", you may want something "fluffy", follows a theme or is visually appealing, so you'd want whatever looks cool.

So, think what you want out of the army and then go from there.
modded6 years ago
Orks. I mad my own clan, the bad lightningz
William9306 years ago
BuzzSkull326 years ago
High Elves I have basic set and an Aenerion hero
The Jamalam (author) 9 years ago
I collect necrons I have 2 units of 10 warriors, 4 Destroyers, 1 heavy destroyer, 1 tomb spyder, 1 necron lord, 5 scarab swarm bases
sweet. what war gear do you go with on your lord?
Flumpkins9 years ago
whats W/H 40000?
The Jamalam (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
warhammer 40000 is a tabletop turn based war game in which 2 or more players take it in turns to move their troops, shoot with them, maybe assault one of the other teams units and then end their turn. a player wins when all of the opponent's team is wiped out, or in a special mission, captures all objectives or conquers every secter of the map etc.
unless with 'crons where you just have to destroy 75% of their army and they phase out. still best army though
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