What brings big waves to lake michigan?

Well I'm going to lake Michigan in 3 weeks and their are sometimes huge waves that are 6-7 feet. What brings them in, storms? wind?

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caitlinsdad9 years ago
scientific explanation

What's cooler is if you go to Nova Scotia to see the tidal bore.
Hmmm, wouldn't that be "boring" just by definition?
Not if you get lapped by the waves dancing around, then you would have to leave a tip ;-)
. Thank you Goodhart and caitlinsdad. With these two examples, I now have proof positive that the pun is truly the lowest form of humor. heehee
We're just waiting to see who blinks first and makes a typo...I think we can sink lower if you want...
. Oh, geez. This should be "interesting." You guys aren't always fun, but you're seldom boring. ;)
You're right, this is not a drill. It takes a lot of effort to be punny or else you spontaneously combust and go down in a ball of flames...
It doesn't seem he is here to defend himself yet...so...he started it! :P
I had to pick up a few things for my mother in law to deliver to her since she is moving into a new home from the last home. BTW: for that "tip" I could either leave an ice burg or I could say "don't take any wooden nickels. :-)
If you are on good terms with your mother-in-law I guess you didn't pick up a wooden horse as a gift.
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