What can I do with an old Palm IIIxe

Anybody have any ideas of something to do with an old Palm IIIxe? I'm ready to throw it away so even the most destructive ideas are welcome.

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NachoMahma8 years ago
. I used to have one of those (probably still have it in a box somewhere). They're great for storing passwords, appointments, &c. Still plenty of free software available on the 'Net. Replacement batteries can be expensive. The Palm Desktop software I used was a little flaky at times, but, overall, worked well. . If you plan on using it a lot, invest a few dollars in the clear plastic sheets that protect the screen from scratches. Well worth the money.
Hey what software you useing? it didn't have it in the box and i dont have a com port but i'm about to get a usb to com port cable if you could tell me were i can get it! that would be really awsome
Hey man!!! if you still have that thing don't throw it away their's lots of stuff you can still do with that I one one just like it I have a 2007 computer so I am getting a ir dogle so I can use it you can get lots of cool soft wear for it you just have to look for it I paid $15.00dollars for mine if you don't want yours I would love to have it with two of them you and send message back an forth its pretty cool.