What can I do with my dead AA batteries?

Besides throw them away.

Edit: Or make them into art. You can make anything into art, so that's a given.

I have both rechargables and non-rechargables. And I can't be the only one with a buttload of dead batteries idly lying around the home left over from the 90s.

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gotja10 years ago
noooooo if you shoot it fast enought with enough momentum from a air gun it will explode and it has hydrocloric acid aka stomach acid and stomach acid has a tendency to burn you.....
It doesn't burn my stomach! Pat. Pending
Wait until you have ulcers *sigh*
I was being facetious. Pat. Pending
No, but with a bit of reflux it can burn your esophagus. ;-)
because your stomach is lined with things so stomach acid cant go through i think thats wat a ulcer is i forgot lol for example in the civil war if you got shot in the stomach you were in for a slow and painfull death cuz stomach acid would burn all your organs and die or stomach acid will burn all your organs and ull bleed to death
gotja gotja10 years ago
that is not a ulcer
westfw gotja10 years ago
ALKALINE batteries do NOT contain Hydrochloric acid. (I don't think any common batteries contain HCl, but I'm awfully sure about alkalines :-)
(Alkalines probably contain lye or a close equivalent, which is probably worse...)
gotja westfw10 years ago
oo i thought it was hydrocloric acid hmm i know there is acid in it
Goodhart gotja10 years ago
This is what Westfw was saying, Alkaline is the opposite of an acid, but a strong alkaline will actually burn worse than many acids.
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