What can I do with my dead AA batteries?

Besides throw them away.

Edit: Or make them into art. You can make anything into art, so that's a given.

I have both rechargables and non-rechargables. And I can't be the only one with a buttload of dead batteries idly lying around the home left over from the 90s.

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revelation9 years ago
ktkutthroat9 years ago
I think you should make them into art. I mean, c'mon, who uses dead batteries to make art? Make a statue of Optimus Prime. ~KT
Aeshir9 years ago
HAH! You buy non-rechargables! What a foo. xD Seriously, you save tons of money and I think it's better for the environment too. I like nickel metal hydride cells (yeah they're actually called cells, a battery is when you put more than one in a circuit) because you don't have to discharge them before charging them (unlike nickel-cadmium cells).
westfw9 years ago
(on a serious note, many electronics stores will now accept used/dead batteries for recycling, due to their supposed "hazardous waste" nature (Cadmium in NiCds, Lead in Lead-acid, and sometimes small amounts of mercury in a lot of the other types (for rather obscure reasons.)) We have special bins at work, where I take my dead batteries, and where I rescue batteries that might still have "other uses" until I return the useless bits that remain.)
Goodhart westfw9 years ago
The local community here has a battery collection recycler that is in conjunction with the recycled bottles, newspapers, cans, and plastics. The only think I liked about the older "non-alkaline" batteries, was that carbon rod in the center which afforded me with a nearly inexhaustible supply of "terminals" for electroplating or "cutting rods" for my 110 A welder.
Brennn109 years ago
Collect up about 100 of them, take them to a recycling center, and make them pay you for you to give them to them.
Re-charge them. Cheers, Pat. Pending
Yea, I did that as a noob, and destroyed my charger.
I wouldn't attempt this with alkaline batteries. They tend to leak or explode...
They can do, but many people successfully manage it. It is important to use the right technique. Cheers, Pat. Pending
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