What can I do with these brushes?

Years ago we used to make and sell specially designed brushes for stopping wool from being lost off shearing shed boards when shearing sheep. "Lock Stoppers" we called them. The brush would be mounted with bristles up at the entrance of the chute the sheep goes down after shearing. The brush would catch the small bits of wool (locks) but allow the newly shorn sheep through.
They sold OK when the wool market was booming, but those days are gone and we now have piles of these brushes gathering dust.

Does anyone have any good ideas for using them for something fun or creative?

Does anyone want any of them?

They are each about 500mm wide. The bristles are about 200mm long. The brushes are about 5-10mm thick.

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Thrasym5 years ago
As a few other mentioned, they'd probably make good bench brushes. Hand held type brooms to clean up work benches. Depending on how much it would cost for you to produce some handles for them, maybe even sell it on the "replaceable bristles"?

The bristles (stored on that handy metal strip) can be sold to crafters and modelers. They're great for for creating trees, bushes, long grass and all kinds of things like that.
You should make a giant bristle bot.
cammers (author)  vroom...vroom...5 years ago
Great idea. Thanks.
Chuck US5 years ago
Hi Cammers,

What about a Hiltler-esque moustache for the giant gingerbread man in Shrek, the marshmallow man in ghost busters or the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

You could cover an old car (say a toyota crown) overlapping them so that it becomes a hairy car, with hair blowin in the breeze. You could give it a centre part, or a combover, like your dad used to have.

cammers (author)  Chuck US5 years ago
Nice thinking Chuck.

If you didn't want to be recognised when driving you could make a moustache for your car. And perhaps some eye brows over the headlights.
EXTRA LARGE lashes for Mardi Gras.

Just missed it. Bummer.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Human car wash.
cammers (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Great idea.
I'm picturing myself trying to get my kids to walk into a machine of water jets, suds, and whirling brushes for their daily bath. It's hard enough to get them into a normal bath.
Kiteman cammers5 years ago
You know, I bet it would actually be easier to get them to wash this way...
cammers (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I might need a cattle prod to get them in.
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