What can I drive or ride on a cat A licence

I have a full bike licence and i was wondering what i can drive or ride?
Can i ride a quad bike ?

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PKM7 years ago
A biker in Devon? Don't happen to patrol the promenade in EX8 of a friday night, do you? I used to hang out with the local scooter-riding kids when I lived there as a teenager... still intending to come back for a scenic blast over Dartmoor in summer.
dazzer730 (author)  PKM7 years ago
no sorry i dont but i wouldnt mind to where is it and i own a 500cc kawasaki would i look a bit out of place with lods of scooters and one 500cc
PKM dazzer7307 years ago
Exmouth seafront is, or at least was, the place to hang out for bikers when I lived there, but as I say mostly teenagers on scooters.

To answer your first question I think this page is the one you want.  B1 is for quads, which don't seem to have the power/weight ratio restriction that bikes do.  I have a B1 on my car license so I assume they come "for free" with a non-provisional license- check the back of your photocard.  You're probably familiar with the two year 33bhp restriction, but I don't think that affects riding quads if you have the B1 entitlement.
lemonie7 years ago
That does limit you from riding anything with a jet or rocket engine strapped to it.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Statutes vary widely - contact your local DMV (or equiv).

Devon is in the UK, the answer is in that link.