What can you make with parts from an old dryer?

My dryer's heat sensor stopped working, and instead of fixing it, my mom wants to trash it. I want to disassemble it before the city comes to pick it up. Is there anything i can build from the old parts: motor, belt, pulley, etc..

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skunkbait9 years ago
Definitely keep the motor, pulleys, pump and belt. They can be used on numerous things: a superfan, a grinder, a major water-mover, a generator. The possibilities are endless. I also like Linux's wood-burner idea.
magsalud (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
hmm how would i make the generator?
It depends on the electric motor. Some of them put out electricity when rotated in reverse. (I'm not an authority by any means on this, but I'm sure there's a thread about it somewhere here.) You could turn the motor (in reverse), with wind power, water pressure, or a gas (or steam) engine.
magsalud (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
thats cool, do you think you can help me figure this out?
I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. I really wouldn't know how to wire it, but the mechanics of driving the motor/generator shouldn't be difficult.
magsalud (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
thank you, i'd really appreciate it
Check this: Generator.
I'd maybe ask Kiteman. I remember he made a comment on the specifics of what motors work as-is, and which motors need to be modified. Let me know what you find out (I'll keep looking too), because I've got a couple of heavy electric motors and am interested in a similar project.
Also check the Comments here:Bike generator
Ooh, this was the discussion I was thinking about:make a generator
magsalud (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
cool, thank you so much.. so should i be preparing to make a wind generator?
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