What chemicals can eat through resin

Does anyone know what chemicals can eat through resin? My dad gave me a strobe light which the timing was out on but the electronics were incased in resin so I can't access them. Any help would be useful

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gmoon9 years ago
The typical epoxy used in IC packages is usually removed with solvents like fuming Nitric or Sulfuric acid (there are places that will "decap" an individual chip for you.)

See Bunnie's Blog and a Detailed description of decapping. A high percentage of ICs are "bricked" by the process.

This is a very large scale version of that...possibly too large scale. Acetone might work, but I doubt there's any solvent that wouldn't ruin the exposed components before the encapsulated bits are exposed.
 I really don't think there is. Like gmoon said, acetone might work, but by the time you buy the acetone and go through all the trouble of carefully extracting it, it might be better just to buy a new one...
thermoelectric (author)  gmoon9 years ago
But is there a solvent that I can add drop by drop and keep it away from the components?
thermoelectric (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago
i mean what solvents can i add drop by drop to avoid hitting the components
thermoelectric (author)  thermoelectric9 years ago
comma between solvents and can
I dunno, we're all just speculating...you'll have to try one of the liquid solvents already mentioned. But I'm betting it won't be easy...
Plasmana9 years ago
I am having that same problem too, how to remove resin?
bumpus9 years ago
Might want to try 'Carburetor Cleaner' That stuff is crazy!
thermoelectric (author)  bumpus9 years ago
see if i can find it
Methylene chloride might work, but it is NASTY, sold as paint stripper or in auto stores as "Gasket remover".
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