What did you cook/eat last?

I just like reading about this. I'm a nerd. Today I ate channa masala with rice. I'm cooking kheer (rice pudding) right now, and I made some chocolate-chocolate chip-chocolate mint glaze cookies earlier. Tomorrow morning I'm making some sugar cookies with sugar coated fennel seeds as sprinkles. I thought about that eariler today, and it just sounded SO good. I have a party tomorrow night. I normally don't make so many sweets. :P

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"Crackers, Grommit, we forgot the crackers!"
Goodhart8 years ago
Had some pork n saurkraut yesterday too.....my wife is a traditionalist
Sounds like heaven.
It is when you take the time to stew the pork in the Kraut overnight in a slow cooker, but she just "added it" right before she plunked it in a bowl for my supper.
Doctor What8 years ago
Just finished devouring a batch of pan fries.  MMMMM.
jessyratfink (author) 8 years ago
Had Mexican earlier, then went to the local Indian grocery and bought a ton of goodies.

I just had my first persimmon in years! :D
Seleziona8 years ago
having pizza (mexican and pepperoni) and some caeser salad. YUM! 
jessyratfink (author) 8 years ago
I'm eating Chinese leftovers... pork lo mein and wontons. :D
Goodhart8 years ago
Just got home from Chilli's......had their Cajun Pasta dish (I had to ask for some hot sauce to flavor it up a bit ;-) 
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