What do i need to cut this?

i am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

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Austringer9 years ago
How thick is this? You might be able to rent a sheet metal nibbler that would handle 18 gauge or so. Otherwise, I think the suggestion of chain drilling is the right answer. You'll definitely want a cobalt bit for that.
KentsOkay9 years ago
I used a big nail and a hammer and made a bunch of holes on the pre-marked aluminum bowl, I'd use a drill for steel.
Oh yah, WTS is a vdg?
. I think he's talking about a Van de Graaff generator.
Ahhh, umm, I knew that!
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you'd need a drill, hacksaw, a rotary tool, a grinding bit, and maybe a file
The best way to do it is by 'chain'. Basically you draw the circle then drill a load of small holes on the circle. With either a file or a junior hacksaw blade just saw them together. Use a slow speed and if your drill bit is getting very hot you are in danger of ruining the temper (Hardness) so use some light oil to lubricate and cool. Happy cutting!
I was thinking about something like that, but you meant drilling holes around the perimeter of the circle, right? ...not just a bunch of random holes in it.
Yes thats why its called chain drilling as it looks somewhat like a chain when you've got all the evenly spaced holes as close together on the circumference as your drill bit will allow.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. SS doesn't "peel back" very well - SS is pretty dang hard. . I think W'burg has the right idea - see if a machine shop will do it for a few bucks. . Aluminum bowls are easy to find and MUCH easier to work with.
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