What do i need to do 2 be a pre member?

What do i have 2 do 4 a pro membership? is it free? What does it do?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Pro-ness costs (roughly $2 per month, depending on the option you choose). You get to see all steps at once, be able to download Instructables as PDF files, send patches, access the pro-only forum and get a dinky little badge next to your name.
Stop making it sound like its worth it XD
It is. ;)
no it isn't its a ripoff of the features we already had...
Don't you dare.

Nobody has "ripped you off". That implies somebody cheated you out of something that was rightfully yours. This website owes you and me nothing.

You have the same basic functionality of reading and writing instructables and posting to forums and answers, and 3 months of trying out some features that are going pro. Pro membership includes many new and awesome features that have never been utilized before. It is not "a ripoff of the features we already had" just because some features are going pro.
Do you think we should create a topic to debate about this, instead of comments, comments are unheard of, anywho
You have the same basic functionality of reading and writing instructables and posting to forums and answers,
Aha, No i don't there is allready a forum i can't assess, I can't view secondary images, which is as important as can be, i can't download any files uploaded to instructables, Very Important, and Worst of all, I can't view all steps on one page!(i am not saying what is happening to me, that is what will happen when the suddenly invented free trial goes off)
The forum you can't access is an added feature. It's new and created as a feature. You are not losing anything there. Secondary images are not being taken away. You can deal with an extra click per step. I would reiterate Eric's reasoning, but he said it much better than I ever could here.

And no, you shouldn't make a topic to debate it, because it's not necessary. Instructables is a business just like any other you go to, and as such, needs to make money. When other methods aren't profitable, they have to resort to things like this, and if all that people like you have to sacrifice is all-steps, you should be thankful.
Well i am not, You should spend a few days with the "set allsteps as default setting off, or even better, log off, that's how us members are being treated. Doing it this way makes Eric look like a money hungry jerk, that does not care about the experience of people who do not have the money to spend on such things.
I went the first nearly whole year without knowing about the all-steps option.....it wasn't that difficult, really. :-)
I was always bothered by it, That was the only reason i registered in the first place.
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