What do you hate about the internet?


This is the beginnings of a new instructable called 95 ways to ruin the web. I hope you can help me gather enough of the worst uses of internet technology as you can. Things like websites that move your mouse away from the close button, or midi that plays instantly which doesn't come with a pause button.

The internet is full of crap and I plan on making the crappiest website of all time. When I do create my monstrosity it will be hosted at http://ruintheweb.com/. But for now you may upload your suggestions there, or you can comment here.

What do you hate about the internet:

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Celebrity political advertisements, anyone? Oh yes. They make me want to poke out my eyes and puncture my eardrums. :)
so true.
REDNEK7779 years ago
pop up,s
gmoon9 years ago
That this fantastic medium is fostering less original and thoughtful journalism, not more diverse coverage as predicted. And by extension, a more narrow, shallow, myopic focus on the part of many.

There are more recent studies that back this up...we're seeing more polarized coverage and opinions, not more independent views.
Stalkers and piggish males.
Sexism and misogyny in general? Shucks, hate in general.
I mean, given what is arguably the most powerful communications vehicle of all time, people choose to use it to trade insults, silly arguments, and put-downs.
Users automatic contrarians People who think 'FAIL' is a succinct and cogent argument. The "Experts" whose expertise is as deep as wikipedia and as broad as an abstract.
DJ Radio9 years ago
Keith-Kid9 years ago
How Instructables staff only listens to grown-ups! >:(
Untrue. Completely untrue.
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