What do you look for in a K'nex gun?

So what do you look for in a knex gun? Upon what basis do you decide whether or not to build someone's knex gun? Is it based on looks, power, or something else?

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knexfreak326 years ago
power, strength, reload, speed, true trigger, sight and weight.
power power and more power!
yamaha23427 years ago
 if it truly semi auto so like pull the trigger and it shoots pull it again it shoot with out having to pull back all the time , lots of power ( like the MAR) masterdude.
travw7 years ago
Overall performance. It also helps if I trust the builder.
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
I'm curious here, what the hell does trusting the builder have to do with this?
travw DJ Radio7 years ago
For example, I've built stuff by you, IAC, Dunkis, Mepain, etc. So, if one of those people posted something, I'd make sure to look at it ASAP.

APL (apple)

Awsomeness: the general feel of the gun, the "X" factor
Preformance: range, power, accuracy, reload time ect.
Looks: what the gun looks like.


Masterdude (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
What are the looks you look for? Do you look for a futuristic look or a realistic look, or do you look for a different look?
Something unique and cool is what I go for in terms of looks.
Power and reliability are a plus.
If it's a replica: looks, power/reliability
Otherwise: innovation, performance, maybe a little bit on the looks
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