What do you love about Instructables?

I am a huge fan of Instructables and am curious why other people enjoy it so much. I believe it is important to tell others, how their hard work has been appreciated. Most of the time we tell people what we don't like about something. I have been a member of other sites like utube and blogs but I have stuck with Instructables because it has offered me an outlet to share what I make and connect with others. I like the fact that if we publish a good Instructable we get featured and that is a great way to get exposure. Their contest can be challenging as well as fun. I believe they try very hard to listen to their readers and authors. It is not just the Instructables team that make this such a great place but our readers are important as well. I have found most of the people here are kind and respectful. Please share your positive comments with me about why you love Instructables. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Sunshiine   

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What I love in this site is the DIY and it give me ideas for my projects.

random_builder11 months ago

Instructables is the only place that has lots of knex instructions.

Instructables helps me maintain my sanity :D. The people here are awesome. It has changed my life from crap to something I can love & live with.
I love how the community is like a family! Everyone treats each other with respect here, and all projects are appreciated and enjoyed. Also, it doesn't limit "just arts and crafts", or "only recipes here". Every kind of project is welcomed on Instructables! :)
techguru144 years ago
I really like how large the diy community is here. I never get bored on Instructables because there are so many projects to look at and there are constantly new ones being shared.
This site actually has some really cool stuff, as well as stuff that looks really fun to do as well.
Instructables gave me back my self-confidence, this has helped me be much happier and positive about myself
sunshiine (author)  emilyvanleemput4 years ago
It has a way of doing just that! Thanks for sharing and have a splendorous day!
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