What do you put on your pasta?

Are you obsessed with pasta? Me too! What do you put in and on your pasta? 

If it's a recipe that's already online, link us to it!

Let the Pastafarian sharing begin! (No pun intended, as I'm completely misusing that term.)

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SpringRobin3 years ago

My wife makes an awsome Mediterranean pasta salad with peppers, olives, feta, tomotoes, and pine nuts. OMG! It's good.

kulmajs3 years ago
Maybe some shrimps
Jack893 years ago
Fried garlic taste so find it very strange
FoolishSage4 years ago
Usually my pasta is with "stuff". Any leftovers, frozen foods and/or canned foods i happen to have on hand. Not really a recipe but more of a state of mind :p

When making pasta intentionally i usually either do a proper bolognese with stewed meat, carrots and tomatoes or go really simple with an aglio e olio, just lightly fried garlic with good olive oil :)
garnishrecipes (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
Ooh lightly fried garlic sounds very good! My son just developed a taste for garlic and asked for it in green beans. (Hooray! Kitchen skills for the win.)

When looking for good olive oil, do you prefer a particular region? I've leaned towards the spicier/harsher Greek olive oils, but everyone has their favorites.
By "good" I mean any you would like raw :) Personally I'm Portuguese so I tend to the Portuguese olive oils (mainly out of convenience) but whatever suits your fancy
garnishrecipes (author) 4 years ago
I like to stir olives; big handfuls of spinach; sundried tomato sausages from Trader Joes; mayonnaise; and a handful of feta into my pasta. Technically, I'm off dairy, but that's my cheat day food. :)
Is that a dish best served cold?
garnishrecipes (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
I never thought of it as a cold pasta salad- I do mine with fusilli as a warm mac' n cheese.
Just wondering since mayo would "melt" in a warm dish.
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