What do you spend $2 on?

So what with all the fuss about paying less than $2 a month for pro, it really is a fair question - what's something else you spend less than two dollars on? What incidentals (coffee, music, gum, those purple fuzzy socks...) do you drop $2 or more on every month? Every week? Every day? I know people who spend more than $1.95 on their morning coffee.

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Brennn108 years ago
I spent $2 on a faux Rolex at a yard sale this morning. The other day I purchased a flat brim "k2 Skis" cap for $2.00 and resold it on ebay for $10.00.
UltraMagnus8 years ago
My objection is nothing to do with the amount, it is the principal of paying for proper access to user generated, mostly open source information.
Lithium Rain (author)  UltraMagnus8 years ago
Ah, and there is your problem - just why should you have free "proper access" when the staff has to pay to put it up? Yes, it's freely shared information, but nobody owes you access to it on instructables.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
something from deal extreme?
A good name8 years ago
I think that you're missing the point though. I'm not going to start paying for everything that used to be free just because people are using the economy as an excuse, because then I would run out of money.
I'm not going to start paying for everything that used to be free...

If you use the internet, you sure will. I predict, if we don't turn the tide soon, you will be paying for internet access to sites on a per-click basis, within 5-10 years. :-(
you have to do that now! I remember back in the day when internet porn was free and most of the time poped up regardless of what you searched for. Now they want $49.99 a month. and porn has always been the leader of technology from VHS to blu-ray, so who knows what will happen next.
Well, that is only if that is all you go for. I am married, I don't need pictures, or such, I have the real live genuine article in my home (although that costs more in reality). Still, most places you go too, don't charge you to see their sites.
Ah, screw the internet then. Besides, I'm a pessimist. 5-10 years in my world is a total societal collapse.
That's an attitude that will definitely quicken the pace.... ;-)
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