What do you think of my design

What do you think of the picture i created. Also what are some of the pictures you made using a computer.

Picture of What do you think of my design
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Not bad. I like it.
The triangles on the bottom seem a little separate.
Flip them over?
ThePregergater (author)  dreiseratops5 years ago
what do you mean flip them over

ThePregergater (author)  dreiseratops5 years ago
i like them my way better. no offense
it depends on what you are trying to convey with your graphic, does it have some meaning?
ThePregergater (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
it is mainly a cool logo i designed while doodling then turned it into a computer file and you it a profile images and other stuff as well as having it put on a t-shirt.
I just wanted to point out the creative process that designers should go through, how is this interpreted by someone seeing it? It could be a robot pincers grabbing some object or toxic substance, it could be a silhouette of someone signaling a touchdown or cheer, warning sign, sprayhead, lasers? The inverted triangles in the other image would have evoked the lines of a ballerina or maybe a stylized cobra head and fangs. Whatever, it does a have contrasty stark hard character about it that does suit your username.
Good. You should. You made it. :)
Im not an original kinda guy. I cant create form scratch very easy. I always modify stuff. Thats what I do.
Go you. ;)
I saw your other ibles. I dig the ideas.
graphic labels etc... sweet.