What do you think?

Yesterday, I followed a jewelry workshop.
This is the result, what do you think?

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Jayefuu5 years ago
Nice. What's it made from?
emilyvanleemput (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
it's made from alpace wire
Did you mean alpaca, as in nickel silver?

It's pretty cool. I'd like to start "wiring up" some jewelry but the precious metals are a little pricey to be playing around with.
Practice with copper or aluminium - Then when you have a good design buy some silver wire. If you make it well the finished product will be worth much more than the cost of the wire.
gosphero5 years ago
Would love to see an Instructable on how to make this type of jewelry! Pretty "fly" ring.
rrkrose5 years ago
This is beautiful!
emilyvanleemput (author)  rrkrose5 years ago
thank you!!!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Really lovely!
emilyvanleemput (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
thank you
Mrballeng5 years ago
That's so cool! I wish I could follow a workshop. Looks great.
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