What do you think about gun control?

In these days there has been alot of shootings and murder. Do you believe all guns should be banned or just the moderen sporting rifles that most people call an assault rifles.

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I opened my safe last night and all my guns were still there. I thought to myself, how can this be? These are all weapons of mass destruction. How have they not shot their way out of this safe and killed someone. I looked at my bullets they are all there too. I thought surely they have been talking to my guns and planning something bad. They are pure evil after all and have the taste for blood. I counted all my high cap mags, all are accounted for. Not even my bayonet had moved. It did try to cut me once when I was putting it away. Maybe I don’t have evil guns after all?
Well, as long as you realise that owning guns puts you at a greater risk for burglary and also for getting shot. It really is up to you, the laws in your country being what they are.

Guns aren't evil. Everyone knows that. They're also not inherently good. They're things, and as things go, they're the kind of things that come with risks attached.

I'm glad to hear you keep your guns in a safe. If every gun owner did that, I'm sure it would have a positive effect on gun-related crime and accidents.
lemonie4 years ago
I just watched a video of some gun-fight in Tripoli. People were happy in the end, shouting (God is great) and firing guns into the air. I thought that this love of guns and God must be exactly the same as Americans have?

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell which side people were on, as there was no English on it.

Seabreeze134 years ago
Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, ignores the fact that gun ownership is a right bestowed by our Constitution. It is intended as a protection against those who wish to do an individual citizen harm. That applies not only to the neighborhood thief, but to any government that acts against its citizens. For those who are appalled at the idea that a government would intentionally do harm to its citizens, do your homework. Read up on the history of the USSR, E Germany, Cuba, etc. You might even recognize a few similarities to the 2013 USA.
Well, the whole rest of the world is in awe of the USA. It is the only place where children get brainwashed into believing that they have a right to carry lethal weapons. And clearly some people cannot shake the brainwashing. They go crazy. It is really sad.
When I said "they go crazy" I wasn't even talking about the mass murderers. I was talking about the NRA and their supporters and their pathetic reasons to keep gearing up for more and more bloodshed. You guys are the biggest threat to the USA that there is going. In any other country the NRA would be considered either a fascist or a terrorist organization and the state would act accordingly. What happens when some American version of Pol Pot comes along? He could be a fire and brimstone preacher or a grand marshal of the NRA or something else entirely. You will grab your guns and follow him, yes or no? All this personal right to have 5 or 10 assault rifles talk sure does not sound patriotic, in the slightest. Sounds more like wanna be terrorists to me.
It sounds like you hate the U.S.A and our freedoms. "In any other country the NRA would be considered either a fascist or a terrorist organization" where are your sorices?? that is your opinion like it is my opinion that owning guns is a right that the goverment shouldnt take away. I respect your opinion and you are entitaled to it. Why cant you respect my opinion?
I completely agree with your position on guns but would like to make a HUGE correction to your statement.

Gaia did, in fact, state an opinion. You, however, stated a constitutionally protected FACT; namely, that owning guns is a right that the government shouldn't CAN NOT take away. 

Therefore, the question that we should be asking is "Why is it that we should respect someone's opinion when they have absolutely no respect for our rights?"  After all, opinions can be wrong; rights are guaranteed!
Cannot is a very, very strong term. It implies a literal physical impossibility. The US government *could* physically take away privately owned guns from their owners if it wanted to badly enough - after all, they have nukes, bomber planes, tanks, etc. They simply have much greater force at their disposal. It is a physical - and thus logical - possibility, however remote in reality.

"Should not" is much better, as it correctly conveys the fact that there is a legal (some would argue moral) stricture on the government against taking guns away.
When talking of "taking guns away" it's worth applying "should" to having them in the first place....

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