What (do you think) is The Best Rock Song Ever

I Know that this has nothing to do with making, but, I was wondering what everyone in the 'ibles community thought. Please state the name of the song, and than the name of the group/artist beneath it Ex. Don't Trust Me 3OH!3 BTW, I think it is Let It Rock Kevin Rudolph Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth

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Goodhart8 years ago
Personally, I like TSO

WAIT for it...


And (ignore the cover)

My personal preference is TSOL.
I kind of like to understand what the singer is saying, when they are singing.... ;-)   and if I do finally understand what they are saying, then I like for the words to make some form of sense  *chuckle*
Ooooo k :-) 
Doctor What7 years ago
 Well, that's easy.  

I don't feel like dancing, by the Scissor Sisters.
Flumpkins8 years ago
Hmmm...too many branches of rock... Metal: Scar Symmetry - Ghost Prototype I (Measurement of thought) Classic Rock: Anything that Led Zeppelin did Kansas - Carry on Wayward son Grunge - Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose Rock - Nickleback - Animal Any other branches?
Aztof (author)  Flumpkins8 years ago
Rage Against the Machine Killing in the name
Aztof (author)  Aztof8 years ago
category being Rap/Rock Rage Against the machine Killing in the Name Nu Metal Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists Modern Rock Gorillaz 5/4
Flumpkins Aztof8 years ago
Hmmm..... No offence, but IMO I only like Disturbed from your list
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