What do you think is the point of getting married?

I'm just curious. Why should someone marry someone? Why not just domestic partnership? What about gay marriage? I'm up for a debate. If your points are not appropriate, message me. Really, go ahead. I wanna know.

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Some people want a concrete relationship. Any domestic parter could just walk out, but a married individual has made a religious and social promise to support someone.
well theres three rings in a marriage the engagement ring , wedding ring , and the suffering
hammer98767 years ago
Interesting. It is Time Magazine's cover story. I figure marriage is a way for women to try to convince the husband that yes, indeedy, he is the father of her children.
Warlrosity (author)  hammer98767 years ago
So my father may not be my father?
. Momma's baby. Daddy's maybe. ;)
Yes, Luke, he is your father.....
kelseymh7 years ago
Economic contract. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.
KentsOkay7 years ago
It is a long standing society right, people dont give up change like that easily.
WhyHello7 years ago
Um idunno there was some sort of benefit for the children if kids are married and women need to be self-fulfilled by locking a man into their life.
DJ Radio7 years ago
People marry mostly because of their morality standards, and they, or their parents, believe that you should not have sex before you marry, so they do it to satisfy their morals. Others may marry because it's a tradition, and everyone else does it, without actually knowing why.

People in religions marry because their religions command it. In fact, religions seem to have started my whole "Morality standards" point above.