What does it takes to have my instructable in the newsletter?

What are the criteria for the choice of the instructables that will appear in the newsletter?
I have four instructables published that never appeared there.
There are a lot of others instructables that appear repeatedly.
Please, let us know the criteria used to elect them. Thanks.

lemonie7 years ago

To be short: you have to impress someone.
Look at the most popular stuff.

You have to have had the instructable featured as kiteman said, To get featured you should have awesome photos, have a project you really loved doing (working on an 'ible to get featured isn't a plan) the project should be well written with correct grammar and spelling.

Think extra awesome for the newsletter, I've had a couple of projects in there and it's a rare thing, read the newsletter itself for examples of great projects.

Some instructables are repeated in the newsletter when they're still relevant or there's a contest they might pertain to, also seasonal epics often get shown again.
Kiteman7 years ago
Be good.

Be featured.

Be relevant (or seasonal).

Be cool.

I have published over a hundred Instructables, and have been mentioned in the newsletter five times. That is an unusually high proportion, but I seem to occasionally hit the Zeitgeist.