What does your instructables username mean?

I'd like to know what your instructables usernames mean. I think most of us have unique ones that others are dying to know what they really mean. I guess I'll start with mine, splazem. To me, it means a brain freeze. It's not a real word, but one that my family uses. So c'mon, post what your instructables username means, it will take a minute, and I'm sure someone out there is curious.

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Tinworm5 years ago
Tinworm is a cute euphemism for RUST. For the last ten years (on and off, when not learning to fly and then being distracted by flying, and by other car and bike projects, etc) I have been restoring a very badly rusted 1958 Austin 101 small truck.

I have been blogging the restoration in the name of Tinworm
Thergox5 years ago
Thergox spawned when I was dwelling upon character names for my stories. Actually, I was in the middle of writing my best one (Or so I call it) and the name hit me like a rug (Yes, a rug). I immediately scribbled it down on the side of the paper and continued writing. When my usual screen name, 3Rr0r, happened to be taken, I switched to Thergox as a. . . Forgot the name. Substitute! yes, substitute.
Forgot the word... haha ;D is the rest of sb posted on edu yet? maybe i should check myself.
Whoa! Hey! Glad you got in! Did someone already take the Pyro username, then?
no i use that one way to often...

Aussie (slang for Australian)
Angler (someone who fishes)
Gal (need i explain?)
5hockwave5 years ago
I chose Shockwave because it was a random nickname given to me by my best friends, but to my horror it was taken. Henceforth I change the S to a 5, giving me the the name 5hockwave
oh, kinda like S.mouse!
crapsoup5 years ago
LResha1575 years ago
The first part of my username is simply my favorite amime character, Lady Resha, form Rave Master, because her past self created the Holy Brings that could help save the world from being overcome by evil, but in the process of making the last and final Holy Bring she was killed because the power of etherion was too strong for her. In recognition to the girl who risked her life to save many, they renamed the Brings to RAVE by taking the first and last letters of her first and last name (ReshA ValentinE). 50 years in the future a girl, Elie, who lost all her memories, is discovered to have the same power of Lady Resha when she meets up with Haru Glory to find the rave stones and restore the world to its initial happines. Elie is known to look a lot like Lady Resha and very well may be (But I haven't gotten that far yet) She acts a lot like me in many ways.
Long story short LResha is my favorite anime character and 1547 is my favorite number.
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