What does your instructables username mean?

I'd like to know what your instructables usernames mean. I think most of us have unique ones that others are dying to know what they really mean. I guess I'll start with mine, splazem. To me, it means a brain freeze. It's not a real word, but one that my family uses. So c'mon, post what your instructables username means, it will take a minute, and I'm sure someone out there is curious.

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Tinworm3 years ago
Tinworm is a cute euphemism for RUST. For the last ten years (on and off, when not learning to fly and then being distracted by flying, and by other car and bike projects, etc) I have been restoring a very badly rusted 1958 Austin 101 small truck.

I have been blogging the restoration in the name of Tinworm
Thergox4 years ago
Thergox spawned when I was dwelling upon character names for my stories. Actually, I was in the middle of writing my best one (Or so I call it) and the name hit me like a rug (Yes, a rug). I immediately scribbled it down on the side of the paper and continued writing. When my usual screen name, 3Rr0r, happened to be taken, I switched to Thergox as a. . . Forgot the name. Substitute! yes, substitute.
Forgot the word... haha ;D is the rest of sb posted on edu yet? maybe i should check myself.
Whoa! Hey! Glad you got in! Did someone already take the Pyro username, then?
no i use that one way to often...

Aussie (slang for Australian)
Angler (someone who fishes)
Gal (need i explain?)
5hockwave4 years ago
I chose Shockwave because it was a random nickname given to me by my best friends, but to my horror it was taken. Henceforth I change the S to a 5, giving me the the name 5hockwave
oh, kinda like S.mouse!
crapsoup4 years ago
LResha1574 years ago
The first part of my username is simply my favorite amime character, Lady Resha, form Rave Master, because her past self created the Holy Brings that could help save the world from being overcome by evil, but in the process of making the last and final Holy Bring she was killed because the power of etherion was too strong for her. In recognition to the girl who risked her life to save many, they renamed the Brings to RAVE by taking the first and last letters of her first and last name (ReshA ValentinE). 50 years in the future a girl, Elie, who lost all her memories, is discovered to have the same power of Lady Resha when she meets up with Haru Glory to find the rave stones and restore the world to its initial happines. Elie is known to look a lot like Lady Resha and very well may be (But I haven't gotten that far yet) She acts a lot like me in many ways.
Long story short LResha is my favorite anime character and 1547 is my favorite number.
*157 sorry its so long..
Moem4 years ago
Moem is my nickname of choice. It's from the Dutch version of the books about the Moomintroll family, one of my favourite series of books ever. Moem is simply Dutch for Moomin.
I'm Moem on BookCrossing, Dreamwidth and on the wiki of our local hackerspace, Hack42.

Of course, over here it was already taken... and as usual by someone who doesn't use the account at all. So I'm Hack42Moem, to distinguish me from that Other Moem.
Greg Inc.4 years ago
Greg Inc, because I am constantly building things, drawing or something or another.
THEGRIMM4 years ago
THEGRIMM came to life when me and my girlfriend were deciding on a name for our band so it's a good memory and to me it sounds cool and mysterious
yeah like that one
sanchez054 years ago
mine is very simple my last mane and the number of family members
schumi234 years ago
I got this nick when I was playing Brothers In Arms with a friend. He was Schumi22, and another friend was Schumi24. I've kept the nick ever since, though I only played the game 5 times, and not for over a year :)

So, It means nothing!
"nutsandbolts_64" was an idea born because I worked in a hardware store (erm, family business :D). Given all the stuff there, all I could think was "nuts and bolts... nuts and bolts" so I gave that a shot. What with 64? Honestly, that's just completely random. Only the left side of the underscore actually means anything at all.
onrust4 years ago
The Isalnd of Onrust. A 12 acre island with a restless and violent history. Also.....The Onrust, a yacht, was the first decked vessel to be built entirely in North America. The construction, with help from the Lenape Indians, took an entire winter. I LOVE nautical history, fables, yarns, superstitions, and "opinions"......try me!
Mike734 years ago
After reading some of the posts, I must say I could have come up with something more creative than what I chose. But I try using this online name where ever possible (unless the screen name is already taken).

So, here it comes:
My name is Michael and I've been working in the US for 3 years. One of my colleagues always called me mike, and I was born in '73.
Usually I use an underscore between Mike and the 73, but the name was either taken or underscores weren't allowed.

I love underscores. They allow linking files in windows. No underscore and most links to files on the company network don't work :-)
lime3D4 years ago
My company name: lime3D
cdslashetc4 years ago
I tend to mutter to myself when I am working intently and "cd /etc" is something that I say quite frequently. I imagined that my co-workers might call me that behind my back. "Oh look, here comes ol' cdslashetc!"
ehudwill4 years ago
My username is a combination of my name and the name of Ehud the judge from the bible. He was left handed and so am I.
ehud was also fat and got stabed in the stomach
pfred2 ehudwill4 years ago
Ehud was a sneaky cur and gave the rest of us southpaws a bad name!
ehudwill pfred24 years ago
He was an assassin and therefore cool.
pfred2 ehudwill4 years ago
Ehud hardly cut the image of a great hero. He was a snake who used deceit.
ehudwill pfred24 years ago
He was delivering the Israelites from the Moabites.
pfred2 ehudwill4 years ago
No, he was lying, and killing in cold blood, then fleeing. Other parallels may be drawn, but they are hardly primary to his crimes. At any rate he'd get the chair here today for his deeds. Or however they put down mad murdering dogs these days.
While differing interpretations of historical texts may well be equally valid, your obnoxiously dismissive attitude is not conducive to fruitful discussion.
But it is OK for you right?
Case in point.
I would just like to take this opportunity to mention how long I've thought that you really look like an English teacher somehow. :D

(Also, left-handed? Why would...OH, that's the judge who stabbed the king in the bathroom, with all the ensuing grossness, isn't it?)
True English teachers distinguish themselves with blue tape on their nose, whereas true science teachers distinguish themselves with a pencil through their nose.
Ahem, that was a pen...
see, higher learning teaches you to improvise, but it would be foolish to be seen with a crayon through your nose.
Next, be a real man and use a metal Scribe >:-)
Yes, Ehud was able to smuggle a sword in because he was left handed. The king he stabbed was so fat he just let the blade sink in and left it. Really gross...
splazem (author)  ehudwill4 years ago
My Name is mobile_earth_explorer i Am From The Andromeda Galaxy,
My Current Location is Inside A Space Station Orbiting Your Planet,
My Mission is To Remotely Explore Your Planet Using Your 3.5G/4G Network :)

PS: i Come in "Peace"
Interesting thread. Mine you can probably guess, my name is Paul and the rest is a simple statement of fact. I use the same name on all the sites about making things I frequent and on my blog.
This is confusing because my name is Paul and I make things, but you're not me!
splazem (author)  PaulMakesThings4 years ago
sunshiine4 years ago
I love sunshine so I picked sunshiine. I wanted it to shine so I added an I.
splazem (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
We all love sunshine, I think!
pfred2 splazem4 years ago
I hate the Sun and would blot it out of the sky if I could ...
We should it makes everything green and bright!
Although I love the sunshine, it doesn't like me. Being fair skinned, I am prone to melanoma if I spend more then 15 minutes in direct sunlight without protection.
My little brother had the same problem! He had white hair all his life and was very fair skinned. I am sorry you have that.
Well, I am a red head, but I have had some precancerous carcinomas removed from my back, so I do have to be very careful and I DO burn very quickly. It is hard for me to balance and get the proper amount so I get Vitamin D. I even have to be careful in the winter time *sigh*. But we live and use what we've got and do the best we can :-)
pfred24 years ago
p = Paul
fred = Frederick
2 means my second account

I was pfred1, well I still am I suppose, I just don't know what I did with my password for that account.
eclipsed4 years ago
It's nothing to do with Twilight, first of all.
I had the nickname eclipse on some other websites before those horrid books ever existed. I just liked the name and I like astronomy and the moon.
Then I came to Instructables, and eclipse was taken, so I added a d to the end.

and now people see my name and think I am some 14 year old sparkly vampire fangirl.
Thrasym4 years ago
From Plato's Republic, Thrasymachus...yup...I'm awesome original. But at least I know it. Right?
wherewillwhy was given to me by a fellow hacker .the abbv www and my name is will
vroom...vroom...vroom?...........I got nothin'.
monsterlego4 years ago
I chose Monsterlego becuase I MAKE MONSTER LEGOS! GGRAAAWWRR!!!!!!!!
you do.
splazem (author)  monsterlego4 years ago
freeza364 years ago
Freeza' Burn is my "rapper" name that i came up with a couple years ago. 36 is my favorite number. I am freeza36
Flatliner= what we call dead people as paramedics, I like dark stuff and death and Ive seen death its turned my life around.

OR (versatile)

You're a paramedic and you like dark stuff and death?
Is this some happy job-satisfaction thing?*


*I am being serious
Its not like a fetish if you mean that lol. Im not gothic or anything. Im a girlie girl I love dresses and high heels painting nails but I love getting the rush of blood everywhere and being able to tolerate tht is a great thing some people cant handle. Again not a fetish of hurting people or watching it but the adrenaline of when im there and helping them. I love medicine and adrenaline and helping people.
I didn't mean like a fetish, "job-interest" was more like it. Thanks for the explanation.

I know im playing with you lol
dead medic!
Jerina4 years ago
I have usted my username for ages now, or at least 7 years. I thought that I was clever when needing a name for a rpg on a forum, so i combined Jessica with Catharina and thought that I had made a new name. Turns out, I haven't, but it's been with me ever since.
I'm also known a Lady Jerina or Lj for short, in EVE Online
modaawesome4 years ago
mine (modaawesome) means mo (my home nickname) the awesome
well- mine started out as monocleice, which didn't sound good- so I went with monoICE- which became mono935- 9 = I, 3 = C, and 5 = E, and then, one day, I saw a guy with the username hucking fuskie on a forum- and it was a match made in heaven. I decided on Monofuskie935, and with some tweaking, I got moneyfuskie935.

So basically- it means monocle ice, or dust.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
...because I'm ferocious, like a _______
splazem (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
splazem (author)  splazem4 years ago
Wait, no. Ferocious, like a ... butterfly? Goldfish? Kitten? Baby?
splazem (author)  splazem4 years ago
um, -saurus just means "reptile" IIRC, and some reptiles are rather small.... :-)

HOWEVER,  the prefix  DINO means "terrible" as in "great and ferocious"    Just saying....
I was bit by a gecko once; he was pretty fierce.
splazem (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
My gecko sold house insurance.
Small houses I presume ;-)
splazem (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
More dollhouses than anything.
That's about "gecko sized" :-)

splazem (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
I had a pet gecko...
canucksgirl4 years ago
Mine is a double entendre. I am a huge Vancouver Canucks Hockey fan and also a Canadian (which are sometimes referred to as Canucks), so since I'm a girl, I went with canucksgirl. I opted to use the Team Canada Hockey Jersey versus the Vancouver Canucks Jersey just to emphasis the meaning. :D
Flintlock4 years ago
I needed a nickname, so I went to wikipedia, and hit "random article".
splazem (author)  Flintlock4 years ago
double nice!
I would say nice but that seems overused... Nakamichi Yamanashi (I went to wiki and hit random article hoping to find something to describe the wittiness of your idea).
this is my nickname my godson uses for me cept the 2005 part it is when i started this id. i use it on neopets,youtube,as well as a few other sites
gooseloops4 years ago
I grew up on a farm and my family had four geese, Mad goose, Gooseloops, Tuloose, and Rasberry
iproberry14 years ago
I have a YouTube channel and my name there is proberry1.....so the "i" means instructables....and then my YouTube name....makes everything almost the same,iproberry1.
dreadyjazz4 years ago
I have dreads and my name is Jazmin= Dready Jazz
It means i like da patriots!
splazem (author)  patriots88884 years ago
I'm a Bears fan myself.
well see who win this season…:P
splazem (author)  patriots88884 years ago
DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!