What doesn't it fit here?

Hi everyone;
 I wrote an instructable last week and I tought it could get featured. However, the instructable didn't get featured. I think the project is a good and original idea but I don't know what I did wrong. I checked the Featuring Checklist and I should have at least a featured in channel level. Maybe I'm forgetting something, so thats why I'm asking for help here. The instructable im talking about is Ghost Lamp. I'm not looking for a homepage featured, because it must be an epic one, but at least a channel or category featured.

Should I may change the intro image?
Did I write poor instructions?
Is my English so awful?

  So much thanks to all constructive responses.

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lemonie7 years ago

The result is good, but a person needs to be motivated to click the feature-button, it's perhaps on the wrong side of the "exciting"-line? (it is a matter of opinion / impression)
PA300208.jpg might look better as image 1.

plugable (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I think that photo is great, but maybe it isn't so explicit as the one is now; thats what it said in Feature Checklist. What do you think?

Yes, that's a good one.

plugable (author) 7 years ago
Oh my instructable has been featured, so much thanks to all of you!

I'd changed the front pic for the one all of you prefer (yes, its so much scary). Im really appreciate all your comments. This community rules! Thanks!
Jayefuu7 years ago
You could easily replace the condom for a balloon balanced on a newspaper tube. There's nothing wrong with using a condom, I think it's a great idea since it is already the shape you need, but it makes the project less suitable (perhaps?) for some viewers.

It's also possible that it got caught in the filters, and by the time it was approved the ible was past the recent page :(

The end result is fantastic by the way. Clear instructions, good photos, and a really cool idea.
plugable (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
Speaking frankly, I used the condom beacuse I hadn't any balloon in that moment. Then I realise I can use them and it became a great idea. Maybe is a bad issue for kids. But now its so late to change it. Thanks for the response!
It is not too late to change it. You can edit your Instructable any time you want.
plugable (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
But the instruccions are done and I dont want to make another lamp so as to only make some photos and throw it to the trash. It's a waste of time and I can't afford it right now ( I have to study and do some works).

Maybe if I take a photo blowing up a balloon it can replace the other one. Or just change the instructions letting the photos as there are right now...

Which is the better option?
Nonsense, the condom is fine, don't feel pressured by others. There are 53 instructables with condom as a keyword, many of them featured.
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