What foods do you want to see an instructable made from?

I was just thinking about some ideas for foods, or dishes that could be made into istructables. Feel free to spew out your ideas!

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geeker9 years ago
cheesy chicken and rice, that sounds good to me. i think ill make that for dinner one night some time.
Bardouv9 years ago
Some sort of combination. Bacon and cereal. Banana and beef jerky. Something like that.
zieak Bardouv9 years ago
I think just bacon would be a great one.
=SMART= zieak9 years ago
frank2608011510 years ago
ramen related things like the ramen chocolate bars i'd like a cracker covered with green spices and cheese strings and chocolate to make it look like a circuit board
The simplest Ramen....not doing anything with it! Crunching it into a bowl, and adding the seasoning!
That's gross! You never add the seasoning when eating dry ramen. It's like eating salt.
I honestly have no idea how that picture got there. It happens every now and then to me.
lol what a picture
Do you not follow the illustrious Tim?!

Ramen Crunch Chocolate Bars
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