What frequency to use for a gaming steer?

I have an old gaming steer which is not compatible with win 7+, and I can’t find its drivers either.
So, im manipulating it on my own, and will use 4 IC NE555 and a potentiometer in astable mode to press [w/s/a/d] with I-don’t-know-what range of frequency.

Is there anyone could suggest me use what range of frequency?
I thought 700–4000 Hz would be ok. But I have no idea if it is, or not

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Downunder35m4 months ago

No clue what you are talking about here....
You talk about drivers, Windows and then you want to use NE555's??
What has the frequency to do with it and how will all that solve the driver problem?

Nimasa77 (author)  Downunder35m4 months ago
I have an old gaming steer
I want to manipulate its circuit, use 4 NE555s in astable mode
I'm using a POT for it, to turn left or right
The IC has to press the [A/D] buttons with a range of frequency to simulate the wheel being turned
e.g. with 700Hz, it would be like you're turning it a bit and with 4KHz it would be like you have turned most of it
(It's like you're pressing A/D many times, to simulate steering)

Something like this?


Nimasa77 (author)  TinkerJones793 months ago


Maybe this is what you're looking for?


I believe it's the same process as the video in my last reply.

Nimasa77 (author)  TinkerJones792 months ago

yes, that is. But I wanted to do it wothout arduino.

But thanks anyways