What happened to the Instructable Home Page...?

What happened to the Instructable Home Page...? It is showing very old pages and links to competitions already closed.

On top of the Featured list there is an Instructable captioned as "The most Eco-Friendly lampshade! by sathyanaarayanan". The link does not exist. Also, the above mentioned author's home page shows that he has joined Instructable on March 20, 2013 and has not posted any Instructable till date.

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I reported the same problem sometime back here and I thought it was fixed as per discussions
The problem appears to be related to the way the different Instructables cookies stored in your browser affect what the back-end servers feed back to you. A reliable "fix" for it is to delete your I'bles cookies, go through the login again, and reload the affected pages.
antoniraj (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya4 years ago
may be some problem which needs to be fixed
kelseymh4 years ago
I just checked (an hour or two after this posting), and the home page looks correct for me. This error sometimes occurs when one of I'ble's back-end servers gets out of synch.

You can fix this at your end by deleting the cookie "APPSERVER" under "instructables.com" (assuming you're using Firefox). If you're using some other browser and can delete individual cookies, please try that. Otherwise, delete all of your "instructables.com" cookies, and log back in.
antoniraj (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
thank you... after deleting cookies it looks correct.

But, the error on the ible "The most Eco-Friendly lampshade! by sathyanaarayanan" is still there (not on the home page, you can do a search and see). The ible does not exist and the author mentioned has not posted any ibles.