What happened to today's (May 21st) newsletter?

I think I'm going mad. This afternoon (local dutch time) I got the I'bles newsletter. I'm sure of that, because it featured a bracelet by emilyvanleemput. So I dropped her a congrats-note. She never got the newsletter, and I can't find it anywhere. What went wrong?!

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Lincoln4 years ago
I unsubscribed to the newsletter with the intent to re-sign up for it with a different email address. Now I can't find anywhere to sign up for it. :( Is it because of of this same issue?
Send me an email at service@instructables.com with the address you'd like to receive the newsletter at, and I'll sign you up!
So, my version's newsletter works, but the one my dad received doesn't. When he clicks the link, the page cannot be found, while in mine it works?!?!?
It is scheduled to go out at 6am Pacific time, but it reaches everyone at different times (I get it at about 7:40 am) and the last time I checked it was still sending them out. There are a lot of emails for it to go to, so it takes a bit of time sometimes :) Keep your eyes open and you should get it today!
I received it, but the link doesn't work...