What happened to today's (May 21st) newsletter?

I think I'm going mad. This afternoon (local dutch time) I got the I'bles newsletter. I'm sure of that, because it featured a bracelet by emilyvanleemput. So I dropped her a congrats-note. She never got the newsletter, and I can't find it anywhere. What went wrong?!

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Lincoln4 years ago
I unsubscribed to the newsletter with the intent to re-sign up for it with a different email address. Now I can't find anywhere to sign up for it. :( Is it because of of this same issue?
Send me an email at service@instructables.com with the address you'd like to receive the newsletter at, and I'll sign you up!
Urg! I'm so sorry! This is my first time sending out a newsletter and I seem to be running into problems left and right! Luckily the link with the title of your project is working.
wow, that's really weird: five minutes ago I clicked the link and it didn't work, now it's working :O
It looks like I added a stupid extra "h" to the http on the picture link :( The other link appears to be working fine tho.
this is sooo weird: first, it doesn't work. Then I read your reply, try it again and it works. Now, it doesn't work again.
I'm preforming magic to confuse you!

Not really, I can't explain it :)
Now I'm scared :p
ynze (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 years ago
Urg? :-D Phonetically in dutch that's a pretty bizarre wurgd...
it sure is!
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