What have I fudged up now?

I bought a chipmod pro 2 modchip for my slim ps2. After LOTS of struggleing with a lot of wires (only 18, still quite a few) I got it all together and as soon as I plugged in my ps2, the red light wouldn't come on. I'm sad. I did check my connections over and found a bridge between a couple resistors and a 3V access point for the modchip. I ended up resoldering the resistors back onto the ps2 because I couldn't just scrape it out of the cracks. I have no idea now, all the other connections seem fine but there ain't no red light, any idea?

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Buy a voltmeter and check your connections. It sucks to unintentionally kill a PS2. Or you could just remove the chip. Why did you put it in there, anyways?
Punkguyta (author)  YummyPancakes9 years ago
I removed it as soon as I knew that I screwed something up. The chip was for some "unknown" reason I care not to mention on here. The mod chip company did offer to replace the entire board if need be for 99$ but I haven't contacted them in months so I don't know if they'll even do that for me anymore.
It won't hurt to try. :-)
Goodhart9 years ago
Ooo, hopefully you didn't fry the chip.
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
The mod chip? It seems to be fine.
Ok, well sorry, I am not familiar so much with that particular piece of equipment.
Punkguyta (author) 9 years ago
I know someone here has some kind of IC soldering knowledge.
. Last time I did any serious soldering, RAM came in DIPs. I won't be much help. :( . How's the stereo holding up?
Punkguyta (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Well thanks anyway Nachomamma, I got this mod chip for christmas hoping to use it this christmas, the ps2 was working when I unplugged it and boom no go anymore. Stereo? Fine I suppose, still waiting for that wonderful 1200 watt amp.