What in the world is this???

Found in river in florida

Picture of What in the world is this???
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stevetsr1. (author) 1 year ago

I have found the answer thanks to Toga-Dan's lead. This is a Barrel reamer used to smooth and compact a hole after is has been reamed with a boring tool.

gmoon1 year ago

Have you cut it open? Be interesting to see the insides.

I really doubt it's ordinance; those welds are decent, but still look like "farm quality" welds...

Lorddrake1 year ago

it looks fairly big .. I would hate to see the clog this thing is designed to clear

probably used to unclog the river.... :)

Toga_Dan1 year ago


I think we have winner.

Toga_Dan1 year ago
arylic1 year ago

looks like some sort of engine with spark plugs.

well, here's to hoping its not some sort of unexplored ordnance like a depth charge. Also, what are the salvage laws for finding treasure in the waters there if it has any value?

first thought, like caitlinsdad : it might blow up on ya.

Second thought. It's a snake head for clearing out pipes, but it cuts and clears while being pulled, not pushed.

how big is it and is it solid?